Even as the sun beats down quite generously over most of the regions, the athletes and the sports enthusiasts haven’t given up. And as the devotion towards achieving a fitter body increases within the non-sédentaires, scientists who are responsible for designing and manufacturing modern sportswear are fast at work to reduce the load on their users and make the sports apparels as user-friendly as possible. Well, the fact that it now requires ‘scientists and engineers’ to put in their expertise in developing sportswear is a bewildering thought in itself. We try to list down some performance enhancing sportswear which should be on your to-buy list:

  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

If you are fond of jogging, then the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 will be the best friend to your feet. It has been ranked number one among the latest range of Nike running shoes and rightly so, as the Pegasus 33 brings comfort, durability and affordability right at the tip of your toes. Several runners have chosen this model for high mileage runs since the breathability is top notch. And if you belong to the category of people who wish to have performance packed with good looks, then the Pegasus 33 range should not disappoint you. There are at least 12 colors to choose from! Lastly, you do not have to worry about the price tag anymore. You can simply use Jacamo discount codes to get striking offers on selected purchases.

  • Speedo Fit Pinnacle Crossback Swimsuit

For our lady swimmers, Speedo presents its newest model in swimsuits that is inspired by the Fastskin LZR Racer X race suit. The 360-degree bust support offers stability to your front area and the soft straps provide you with added security and comfort while training. Another amazing feature is the core stabilizer which gives an improved body positioning. The fabric used in the creation of this swimsuit is one of a kind. It is more resistant to fading than conventional fabrics and is engineered to maintain quick drying after every intense workout session.

  • Puma EVOTRG 3 / 4 Pants

If you’re looking for good quality pants at a constraint budget, then the EVOTRG series from Puma is one of the best grabs out there. It is completely made from Polyester and is powered by the dryCELL technology for quick drying. To provide a snug fitting, it has been fitted with an elastic waistband. It has articulated knees for the ease of movement and the trademark logo located at the thigh section gives it a very simple and easy-to-go look.

  • Adidas Nemeziz 360 cleats

Presented to the legendary football player, Leonel Messi, the Nemeziz series of football shoes is something which every football fan is getting crazy about. The unmatched look and creative color selection put this series right at the top of our sportswear collection. From the lightweight TORSIONFRAME, which gives this soccer boot explosive performance ability on grass to the 360 AGILITY BANDAGE SYSTEM, which gives the user a perfect fit, the Nemeziz is filled with the latest technology in the department of soccer cleats. The only disappointment for us being that we cannot use the term ‘lace up!!!’ to introduce this beauty as it is a completely lace-less shoe! We are lost for words.

  • Nike Precool Vest

Yes! Even we agree that this list would be incomplete without the mentioning of this Kevlar look-alike sports vest by Nike. Very commonly known as the ‘heat sink for athletes’, the precool vest is designed to cool the body’ core temperature. A reduction in the athlete’s nominal body temperature quite simply means that the athlete can save more energy in sports like marathon or hockey, which requires arduous running for a long stretch of time. In its latest version, an array of triangles has been used to maximize skin contact. Each triangle has two layers; the inner one stores frozen water which helps the outer one to act as a thermos. Such is the technology and engineering carried out on this amazing sportswear.

  • Reebok One Series Tights

Nobody can forget Reebok for their constant inputs in the field of sports. As their shoes have already made a long lasting mark in the market and require no mentioning, we bring to you the simple yet elegant One Series Tights for women. Available in black with combined with neon green straight run design on the thigh area, the One Series is sure to get some eyes popping at the gym.

  • CastelliSanremo 3.0 Speed Suit

The beautiful sport of cycling can truly be enjoyed when you’re riding down a smooth slope with your safety gears on. And one of the most important gears being the cycling suit itself. The Sanremo3.0 series of cycling suits is the latest in its range and provides a full range motion along with a zipper which will ensure mid-cycling breaks. The aerodynamics in this series has been worked on greatly, making the Sanremo cycling suit applicable for all forms of professional bicycling.

Be it weight training, cross-fitting, or a simple cardio session at your gym or at the track near your home, none of these sports can be enjoyed and implemented at full capacity unless your body feels comfortable. And one of the most vital factors that control your comfort is your apparel. We hope the above-mentioned sportswear help you in your pursuit to an active and healthy lifestyle.