3 years ago my brothers and I pooled our money together to buy my father a special gift for his 60th birthday.  We got him a 60″ TV and what we thought was a nice TV stand to put it on.  All was well until the Alphaline Glass and Metal TV Stand purchased at Sears crumbled into a million pieces, destroying the TV in the process.

Tempered for longevity and reinforced to hold over 88 pounds of weight, this 3 tier TV stand is a solid foundation for all of your entertainment equipment. Designed to make handling the jungle of cables and wires that come with home entertainment easy, and built to last, this stand makes a solid addition to any den or family room, for years. Set it up tonight, and kick back in style.

“Tempered for longevity” they said.

“reinforced to hold over 88 pounds of weight” they said.

The specs go on to say the TV stand is designed to hold TVs 50in and greater.  There’s a 1 year warranty on the TV stand which has come and gone, but nowhere did the description say one day your TV stand would spontaneously crumble into a million pieces and destroy your beloved television.  Look at the aftermath:

My brother and I have reached out to Sears, but as of yet have received no response. Thanks for ruining Christmas, Alphaline and Sears.