Erwin Seguia (@e2winnn) is a Physical Therapist at Therapeutic Inspirations in New York City who loves to treat shoulder and knee injuries. On the side, he serves as an on-site Physical Therapist at CrossFit Concrete Jungle and CrossFit Dynamix in the New York City area and is a freelance Personal Trainer to private clients. When not in the clinic or pretending to be able to lift light, light weights with good form in a fast manner, he spends his time kicking a football (not American) around the various parks in the NY Metro area, living vicariously through his Fifa14 Be a Pro, and demonstrating his lethal ability on big maps with a G36 RDS in MW3 and his ineptitude in finding the melee button in CQC. Please feel free to shoot him an email ( with any questions on any topics health or physical therapy related or anything else appropriate that you would like him to discuss.

The United States finished their 3-game sendoff series with a 2-1 win over Nigeria. Two goals by Jozy Altidore put the game out of sight for the Americans, while Victor Moses earned a penalty late in the second half to flatter the visitors.
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Taking a break from Physical Therapy related articles (due to article access issues…), I will be focusing on the World Cup, which will take over my life for the next 30-60 days. Having said that, Jurgen Klinsmann made his 23-man roster available to the press after prior stating he would hold off until June 2nd (the FIFA deadline for 23-man provisional World Cup rosters). As the news blasted all over the internets, many USMNT fans (educated and bandwagoner alike) were left flabbergasted after the announced cuts.

oh, jurgen.

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running shoes

After the mild weather has finally set in, you’ve probably gone on a few runs and then realized: “Holy crap, I haven’t run in ages, and I can’t get to the street corner without sucking wind.” Let’s address this in the third and final article of my running series: endurance and training without ending your running season early.

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peter griffin

We’re coming very quickly upon tank-top weather: suns out, guns out. What does that also mean? Each and every single one of you are going to think about strapping those kicks on and running to shed some of that winter weight you put on through winterpocalpse 2013-2014.

Let me show you how to warm-up properly before you end up pulling up lame after trying to take that hill on too aggressively.

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tired-runnerIt’s finally above 50 degrees in most of the continental United States. What does that mean for most of you? Now that it’s nice: running season. Time to strap on your kicks and go running, right?

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she does push-ups better than you.

A push-up, right? Easy-peasy. Just do one. 1-2-3.

Not as easy as you think. I’ve watched many people do pushups at the gym thinking they’re doing the right thing, and it takes the patience of every saint in the Roman Catholic Church to keep me from wanting to politely correct their form.

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After multiple jet setting trips for work, or an income that prevents you from purchasing anything remotely brand name, fitness is almost surely the first thing to get cut after reassessing finances or after throwing your bag down in the hotel room. Sucks, right? Wrong.

Here are a few body weight exercises you can do in the hotel room to develop and maintain some functional fitness physique before heading down to the hotel bar to check out the talent scene.
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If you are looking to apply an explosive edge to your game, be it football, American football, basketball, curling (did I just write curling?) or whatever you can think of, plyometrics will help you get that better first step on the field, pitch, or court. You want to win that 50/50 ball at half field? Burn that defender to get to the disc quickly? Be in the right spot to crush that wide receiver? Read on, my friends. Read the rest of this entry »


Admittedly waking up late this morning having spent all week up before the crack of dawn, I got up a little late to catch the second half of the Chelsea – Everton match on CNBC sports. Little did I know, would I get treated to some action during the match…

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