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Star Wars; The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Last night, a moment building for 10 years finally came, and without giving too much…or anything away. I loved it.

Now it’s hard to really write a full review, but I stayed away from the Hollywood reviews in fear of even the smallest detail slipping out. My only comment is that the movie was made the right way. I will, however, go into detail of the experience, because it was nothing short of electric. Read the rest of this entry »


Ronda Arouseme4

By now you’ve probably heard of the movie ‘Ronda Arouseme’, the porn parody about MMA superstar Ronda Rousey. If you haven’t you’ve probably been living under a rock, because it’s been everywhere.

We here at TSB were lucky enough to take a few minutes out of the star’s, Kleio Valentien, super busy schedule to get to know her a bit.
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I’ve owned a GoPro for just about a year now and was excited to get my hands on the Steadicam Curve. It’s dubbed as an accessory that is best for creating smooth short clips, mainly outdoors and for use with action sports. While I didn’t dust off my skateboard or hit the slopes, I did use the Steadicam Curve a bunch of different times over the last few months. Read the rest of this entry »



These are the best links on the internet right now.  Check back here every day at 1:00PM ET for the best links to look at on your lunchbreak.

1. The USMNT celebrates after another dos a cero game vs Mexico, clinches World Cup 2014 birth Read the rest of this entry »

Sharknado chainsaw

Now that the dust and sharks have settled, it’s time to give Sharknado the full recap it deserves…

This epic tale stars off pretty randomly in the middle of the ocean where a pirate-like guy is making some shady deal. This ends up having nothing to do with the movie except that we see the birth of the hurricane that would later destroy Los Angeles. Yes, I know the title was ‘Sharknado’, but it starts as a hurricane, bear with me here.
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Now, admittedly, my expectations for Sharknado weren’t high.  It’s a good thing, because Sharknado was about as terrible as you’d think, but in the greatest way possible.  You’ll notice a few characters, mainly Steve from ‘90210’, Tara Reid and the Dad from ‘Home Alone’.  Add a hot brunette and an Australian surfer dude who says ‘mate’ all the time and you have yourself a potential blockbuster.

Check out this awesome trailer…

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