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Oh Melky!

August 15, 2012 by

Photo Credit: Tony Medina/Getty Images

On Wednesday afternoon, Major League Baseball officials announced that the 2012 All-Star MVP, Melky Cabrera failed a drug test and would be suspended for 50 games effective immeditely. Unlike NASCAR, the MLB told the media what the substance Cabrera tested postive for was. Cabrera was said to have testerone in his system. A no-no in the league.

Too bad NASCAR can’t step up and tell us what A.J. Allmendinger had in his system, but this isn’t about him.

“My positive test was the result of my use of a substance I should not have used,” Cabrera said in a statement. “I am deeply sorry for my mistake.”

The Giants, who are tied with the Los Angeles Dodgers atop the NL West, have only 45 games left in the regular season makig Cabrera eligible to return in the sixth game of any combiniation of tiebreakers, wild card games and playoff contents, thought he wouldn’t have the benefit of working his way back.

Currently Cabrera leads the league with 159 hits and holds a .346/.390./.516 line with 11 homers and 60 RBIs for the Giants.

For shits and giggles, Hook and I have decided to have a little fantasy Home Run Derby draft.  Pride is on the line here and we will be going for total homers hit as a team and the individual winner.  The Marlins Giancarlo Stanton has been replaced by the Pirates Andrew McCutchen on the NL squad.

Hook had picks 1, 3, 5, 7 and I had 2, 4, 6, 8.

Team Hook

L to R Jose Bautista 27 HR, Mark Trumbo 21 HR, Robinson Cano 20 HR, Matt Kemp 12 HR

Team Earl

L to R Prince Fielder 15 HR, Carlos Gonzalez 17 HR, Carlos Beltran 20 HR, Andrew McCutchen 18 HR

Throughout the derby, we’ll be keeping track of the scores.  Are you with Team Hook, or Team Earl?  RT this article and put the hashtag #TeamHook or #TeamEarl at the end.

This awesome compilation of newspaper back pages is from

“I wonder what kind of reaction Carlos Beltran is going to get from the fans when he comes up for his first at-bat?”  That was the question of the day on Twitter/WFAN up until 7:15 pm on June 1st 2012.

Could you have ever imagined that no one would even care after the final out was recorded?

How about the fan’s reaction after the first no-hitter in New York Mets history?  That’s the reaction that we well all remember.

I’m going to remember that after the 5th inning, my Mom and wife asked me to run to the store for them.  It was only for milk and some granola bars for my daughter, but what if that caused Johan’s no-no to be broken up?  As I am deciding wether or not to go, Carlos Beltran’s mole smoked a ball over the third base bag in the 6th inning that appeared to look like it was fair.  Oh well, sucks for him.  Luckily the game wasn’t being played at Roland Garros or the ump would have used the ball mark on the chalk to call it a double. Read the rest of this entry »

6-time All-Star.  3-time World Series Champion.  World Series MVP.  Huge nerd.  All of these are accurate descriptions of Curt Schilling, whose dominance on the mound during his playing days made the former pitcher synonymous with the word “winner”.   Since his retirement from Major League Baseball, Schilling put a lot of his earnings into his other passion- massively multiplayer online role-playing games.  Unfortunately for Curt and the 300+ people of 38 Studios that he formerly employed, the man with the bloody sock has been nothing short of a failure when it comes to his business venture. Read the rest of this entry »

Josh Hamilton and the Texas Rangers are out to an early 4 game lead over the Oakland A’s

Written by Dave Slavin

This year the Texas Rangers have exploded out of the gate with a 23-14 record. Texas has pitched well and their bats have been hot so far, leaving the rest of the A.L. West in the dust. Through 35 games, the Rangers already hold a 4.0 game advantage over the Oakland Athletics.

One of the biggest reasons for such a hot start is outfielder, Josh Hamilton. Hamilton is roaring out of the blocks, hitting over .400 (.402 to be exact), with 18 long balls and 45 runs batted in.  The Rangers outfielder was already off to a scorching start, when on May 8th while in Baltimore, he hit four home runs in a single game. Elvis Andrus and Ian Kinsler have thrived hitting in front of the big lefty; both are putting up solid numbers. Read the rest of this entry »

Better bring a catcher’s mask and goalie pads of you plan on hanging out on the Shea Bridge during the Homer Run Hitting Contest during All-Star Game festivities. Photo courtesy of

According to multiple sources, MLB commissioner Bud Selig and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will announce tomorrow that the 2013 MLB All-Star game will be held at Citi Field.  It’s about time that not only MLB, but the rest of the world will see that there is more going on at Citi Field than just Ponzi schemes and trips to the disabled list.

The last time the New York Mets hosted an All-Star game was way back in 1964, the first year of the “state-of-the-art” (I know you are giggling) Shea Stadium.  In that game, Phillies outfielder Johnny Callison hit a walk-off home run to give the NL a 7-4 win.  That was the last time an All-Star game has ended with a walk-off homer.

With the Mets turning the corner after the Bernie Madoff mess, they are now able to focus on the positives that are happening on the field. As stated in an earlier post here on TSB, the Mets are NOT a bad team. Read the rest of this entry »


DC Metro Mayhem

May 11, 2012 by

Post by Dave Slavin 

Former #1 overall draft picks Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg have been key parts in the Nationals hot start.

If asked who would be contending for the division lead heading into the second month of the season, how many of you would have said the Baltimore Orioles or Washington Nationals? In 2011 the O’s finished dead last in the A.L. East and the Nats finished 21.5 games off the pace in the N.L. East. That’s what makes these teams the biggest surprise thus far in the 2012 campaign.

Pitching has been the key to success for both clubs.  Baltimore, sporting a 20-12 record, which is good enough to tie them with, last year’s wildcard Tampa Bay Rays.  Washington has a similar 19-12 record and is .5 games in front of the Atlanta Braves.

The Orioles are in one of, if not the toughest division in baseball, the A.L. East.  With powerhouses like the Yankees and the Red Sox, nobody seems to pick the O’s for just about anything.  This season, Baltimore has found some early magic and has been riding it. Read the rest of this entry »

Check out those rings! Red Sox announcer Carl Beane (Lisa Tobin/WBUR)

When the Boston Red Sox played at home, it was always a long day for Carl Beane. He would be one of the first to arrive at the ball park and the last one to leave usually. Prior to the game, he would always be available to meet with the fans were lucky enough to gain access to the press box and on special occasions he gave behind-the-scenes tours of the ball park. When it was time to start the ball game, he would famously say  “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Fenway Park.”

Tonight, the city of Boston and all of Red Sox Nation mourn the loss of Fenway Park public address announcer, Carl Beane. Mr. Beane died in a single-car accident after suffering a heart attack early Wednesday afternoon. He had manned the microphone at Fenway Park since 2003.

Here is video of Mr. Beane’s most recent work at Fenway Park on May 5, 2012:

Read the rest of this entry »

As if I needed another reason to hate Philadelphia, Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels intentionally threw at phenom Bryce Harper in his first at bat of the game this past Sunday night.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Lucas Duda, David Wright and Ike Davis provide the power for the Mets 2012 season

In an offseason to forget, the New York Mets slashed payroll, begged people to come to Citi Field, lost Gary Carter to cancer, lost their best player to a division rival in free agency and settled a massive lawsuit.  Other than that, the Mets 2012 offseason was pretty boring.

So the only thing left for the “experts” and bloggers out there to decide was, how many games will the New York Mets win in 2012?  The most optimistic Mets fans that I had come across topped out at between 82-84 wins.  And almost all of them followed up that number with  “if everything goes right”.  Most “realistic” Mets fans gave a number in the 72-77 range.  That was basically where I was.  I figured with Johan Santana looking healthy in Spring Training and a re-tooled bullpen, there was no reason to think that they couldn’t be basically where they were last year. Read the rest of this entry »