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After blowing the game vs the Raptors a couple of nights ago, it seems JR Sniff Smith will do anything to help his team win.  Watch JR get all sneaky as he unties Shawn Marion’s shoe while Dirk Nowitzki shoots a free-throw (VIDEO): Read the rest of this entry »





Meet LSU fan April Justin, mother of highly touted football players Landon Collins and Gerald Willis III.  2 years ago, Landon announced his intentions to attend Alabama, not LSU, and his mother’s reaction was priceless: Read the rest of this entry »

Conan Lyft
Normally I can’t stand Conan O’Brien. But for this one instance, I’ll give him a pass. Conan, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart decide it would be a good idea to use the new “Lyft” app. It’s one of those new ride sharing apps that allows you to hire a complete stranger to give you a ride where ever you are going, for a fee.

There are very few things funnier than two black guys and a white guy in the hood. Check out the video.
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Check out Keenan Allen of the San Diego Chargers hurdle the Denver Broncos’ secondary for the touchdown on Thursday Night football: Read the rest of this entry »


Donnie’s back at it again.  From the guy who brought you the fake Federer video, check out Donnie Does at the Pacquiao vs Rios fight as he gets behind the scenes, sits ringside, and even gets in the ring after the bout:

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We’ve all heard it before: all [insert race here] people look alike.  YouTube personality Donnie Does put this theory to the test in China when he got dressed up like Roger Federer and had a couple “body guards” escort him around.  The results are hilarious.  Check out the video after the jump:

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Too fast and too furious for this wave!

Too fast and too furious for this wave!

On Saturday the internet exploded into chaos and confusion after a rumor came online that claimed that actor Paul Walker had died in a car crash…oh the irony!   If you don’t know who Paul Walker is, he is the guy from the Fast and Furious film series that isn’t Vin Diesel.  They have made like ten of those movies which is probably 9 and a half more than they should have.  There was a lot of confusion on the internet when the report came out because apparently the internet had killed him a few days earlier as part of the never-ending and hideously unfunny “Let’s pretend a random celebrity has died when they actually haven’t on twitter” trend.  This is when some lunatic on twitter creates an “R.I.P (Random Celebrity)” hashtag which eventually catches on and then we all sit back and watch people get emotional or make awful jokes about them until we find out that it’s a hoax and go back to  hating our lives.  This apparently happen this past week to Paul Walker and it was  immediately refuted by several sources.   Then on Saturday night when he actually died, a lot of people thought it was a hoax but once TMZ (The authority on celebrities!!!!) revealed it to be true then every meathead in America immediately did a neutral drop in memory of their fallen comrade.
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You Want to be a Sports Agent?

December 2, 2013 by

Sports Agent
We’ve all seen Jerry McGuire and have thought how awesome it could be to be a Sports Agent. Thanks to the people at the Sports Management Degree Hub, they’ve created a sweet infographic to break down everything you want to know about the world of Sports Agents.
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Dez Bryant scored some major PR points Thursday night.  The PS4 officially launches at midnight, but some stores allowed people to line up early and purchase the much awaited next-gen system.  Cowboys oft-criticized receiver acted like Kenny Claus from Eastbound and Down when he picked up the cost of six PS4’s for random strangers.  Check out the photo after the jump:

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Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers


RIP, Jeff Withey.  Xavier Henry showed no mercy on the fellow ex-Jayhawk when he threw down an early nominee for dunk of the year on Tuesday night.  Check out the video after the jump: Read the rest of this entry »