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Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Shane Mosley Weigh-In

Mark McGwire, Jose Conseco, Barry Bonds.

What do these three guys have in common? They all did steroids of course. They tainted their bodies which in turn tainted the game by using steroids to create mammoth bodies that led to awe-inspiring statistics. When the truth came to light, these fools got hated on by a large portion of the sports fan community. I completely understand this reaction.

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Way before Ohio State booster/sherpa/tattoo shop owner Edward Rife started trading ink for memorabilia, tattoos became synonymous with professional athletes.  It started in the early 90’s with guys like Dennis Rodman who were considered “rebels” or “loose cannons”.  Nowadays you’d be hard-pressed to find a professional athlete that doesn’t have at least one tattoo.  Not all ink is good ink, though.  Some of the tattoos these guys get are downright ridiculous.  Without further ado, here is Hook’s Top 10 Worst Tattoos in Sports.

#10. Brock Osweiler, Arizona State QB “Live Life to it’s Fullest”


Getting a tattoo is a major decision that some people don’t put enough thought into.  Unless you pay for expensive laser surgery, the ink is going to be on your body forever.  The least you could do is proofread the message you’re tattooing on your arm before it’s permanent.  See that, Brock?  I used the word “it’s” correctly.  I can only imagine what this genius got on the Wonderlic. Read the rest of this entry »

By @ttlsportsblog and @HookTSB

2011 was a great year for sports (aren’t they all?).  So with the new year just around the corner, here are TSB’s New Year’s Resolutions for some of the biggest people/organizations in the world of sports.  If you have any suggestions, please comment in the box at the end of the article and we’ll make sure to add them.

Carlos Beltran/Drew Brees – To get the growths/birthmarks removed from their faces, ears, or wherever they may be.

Metta World Peace – To get his name tattooed across his back like Vince Young.

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