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While rededicating myself to the game of golf, I always wanted to listen to music while practicing. I’ve tried to feed my wired headphones through my shirt or over my back, but no matter what I do, the headphones either fall out or just annoy me to the point where I have to take them off.  With the help of eBay, I was able to get a free pair of Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Headphones into my ears and on the course for a review. I was very excited to do this and get some beats flowing while playing.  All opinions in this review are my own.

Quick Review:

Sound: B+

Comfort: B

Connectivity: D

App: B+

Value: C

Overall: C
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Imagine the ballpark on a perfect sunny afternoon in mid-April. Fans stuffed into their chairs like sardines in a can, ready to erupt with the mighty swing of the bat. Then you hear that beautiful noise; the perfect crack of a bat when it smacks the ball just right. The runner is off with a shot in the gap. As he rounds second and digs for three you hear a second loud pop, see the player clutch a knee, and disappear in a crowd of concerned medical staffers.

Americans love the competition and intensity involved in sports, but there is nothing worse than when everything comes crashing down with an injury. However, in typical American spirit, athletes push through. They line up surgeries and physical therapists in hopes that one day their game will return to where it once was.

Dealing with an injury is a delicate thing. One of the most popular mistakes made with sports injuries is attempting to recover too quickly. This can result in the injury not healing properly, as well as other issues if you aren’t careful. The introduction of painkillers and other drugs into the healing process can have adverse effects on some athletes trying to get back into playing shape. One thing to remember; there are differences in the ways that casual athletes should come back from injury versus how professionals come back from injuries. Read the rest of this entry »

Spartan Race Podcast


The epitome of grit, Joe Desena, founder & CEO of Spartan Race and NY Times best-selling author, travels the globe seeking answers from experts like Sir Richard Branson, Steve Pressfield, Barbell Shrugged, and many more. Joe’s interviews with authors, academics, athletes, adventurers, CEOs and thought leaders will shift your thinking, make you laugh and and give you the tools you need. He’s on a mission to find the secrets to success in all aspects of life. Not only does Joe interview epic people, he has brought together an amazing panel to break down and analyze every aspect of these interviews. On his Spartan Up! Podcast, he gives you the ultimate blueprint and action steps to assimilating these powerful conversations into your own life. The Podcast is now live here.  To find out how to get a free entry to a Spartan Race, read more about the podcast: Read the rest of this entry »

Also called lactic acid, lactate is the by-product of skeletal muscle contractions. During activities that require bursts of speed and power, levels of lactate can build up in the muscles to the point that the muscle becomes fatigued and needs to rest until the blood stream can move the lactate out of the muscle tissue.

In competitive sports like lacrosse, players are frequently required to make explosive runs or sprints consecutively, without rest. This can cause lactic acid to build up in the muscles. Trying to continue playing when the muscles are exhausted state can negatively affect performance during the game.  Doing lactate tolerance training can increase your ability to work longer before your muscles are fatigued by lactate. Read the rest of this entry »

This guy's resolution is to bust his ass at the gym. Literally.

This guy’s resolution is to bust his ass at the gym. Literally.

About a week ago (a week ago!), the gym was empty.  The same parking space you roll up in 5 times a week was available.  You didn’t have to wait to use any of the exercise equipment, and you were able to get through your workout routine in a reasonable amount of time.  But then the ball dropped, 2015 rolled in, and so did the New Year’s resolutioners.  The gym is now packed, you’re parking in the supermarket lot down the block, and this guy is holding you up from using the rack:  Read the rest of this entry »


Participating in a Tough Mudder is a once in a life time experience. It’s a moment where you overcome physical obstacles with some of your closest friends and at the same time you’re having a great time trudging through the muddy course. If you want to get your Tough Mudder t-shirt and headband at the end of the race you need to prepare. While it is extremely important to train and wear proper clothing, an over looked aspect of Tough Mudder training is what to eat before, during and after the Tough Mudder.

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running shoes

After the mild weather has finally set in, you’ve probably gone on a few runs and then realized: “Holy crap, I haven’t run in ages, and I can’t get to the street corner without sucking wind.” Let’s address this in the third and final article of my running series: endurance and training without ending your running season early.

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Country music legend and noted marijuana aficionado Willie Nelson will receive a fifth-degree black belt on Monday, the day before his 81st birthday.

Nelson will receive his recognition in a ceremony on Monday in Austin, Texas, for the modern Korean martial art of Gong Kwon Yu Sul.

For those that don’t know, Nelson has been practicing martial arts decades ago and has remained a constant in his life.

peter griffin

We’re coming very quickly upon tank-top weather: suns out, guns out. What does that also mean? Each and every single one of you are going to think about strapping those kicks on and running to shed some of that winter weight you put on through winterpocalpse 2013-2014.

Let me show you how to warm-up properly before you end up pulling up lame after trying to take that hill on too aggressively.

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tired-runnerIt’s finally above 50 degrees in most of the continental United States. What does that mean for most of you? Now that it’s nice: running season. Time to strap on your kicks and go running, right?

Sure, but not before working on some of the things that will be discussed, after the jump. Our topics today will be footwear and flexibility. Read the rest of this entry »