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The San Diego Chargers had the privilege of facing the Philadelphia Eagles for the Eagles home opener this season. Now after their playoff win against the Cincinnati Bengals, it looks like they could be distend to win the Superbowl. So the question is, why was it a privilege to face the Eagles? Also, what does destiny have to do with anything?

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Workout advice: Hodgetwins

January 2, 2014 by


As everyone is starting off the New Year, people commonly have the New Years resolution of going to the gym to get fit. These people that are trying to get in shape have a good goal, but they have no idea how to workout. These new gym members do not preform workouts in a proper manner. This leads to injury and an unproductive workout. Too avoid this, people need to understand how to workout and need to seek advice. If you are looking for workout advice then I have a solution. The Hodge twins.
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The good people at sent over a few sweatbands for me to try out, and I’m here to share my thoughts on how they held up after a few workouts.  They offer many different types of wristbands, headbands, arm sleeves, mouthguards, shoelaces, and customizeable items in various colors and combos.


Style: B

Comfort: B-

Durability: A

Price/Value: A

Overall: B+

Suddora knocks it out of the park with their value.  Their products are a fraction of the price of competing companies, and they offer bulk discounts on large orders to further reduce their prices.  The sweatbands are well constructed, but I found them to be a bit tight (hence the knock in comfort, but then again my arms tend to be more muscular than the average person, so they may fit you better than they did me).  I’ve never seen sweatbands with zippers to store whatever you may want to store in a sweatband before, and found this idea novel and practical.  It’s the perfect place to put a key while you work out or go for a run.

If you’re looking for a plain sweatband and don’t want to pay the overhead most sporting goods companies charge, give Suddora sweatbands a try.  They come in just about every shape, color, and size you could imagine, and at a more than reasonable price.

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by Erwin Seguia

Let’s talk about squatting:

Whether you are a recreational, office league, semi-professional, or elite athlete, squats are an important movement that any individual should be able to perform with a good amount of form. Regardless of sport, the squat is an essential movement, which is a basis for movements not limited to running or jumping. This article, the first of four, will briefly discuss mechanics, proper cueing, benefits, and proper equipment. Through this series, I hope to impart some of my knowledge, mixed with updated evidence from articles and literature, with some dry and stupid humor betwixt it all. Now, there is an unlimited amount of topics that I initially wanted to discuss, but let’s keep it simple (as best I can) for now. Read the rest of this entry »


UPDATE 3/18/14: The FitBit Force has been recalled by FitBit.  Check out their website for details.

Fitness trackers are all the rage nowadays.  You can’t watch a sporting event without a Nike+ Fuelband commercial being crammed down your throat.  I fell for the Nike hype a year and a half ago when I started making it count, and filled you guys in on what I thought about the Fuelband.  It turns out there are several other options on the market, like the Jawbone UP, Basis B1 Band, FitBit Flex, and its big brother, the FitBit Force.  After scouring the internet for deals (as I always do), I was able to purchase a couple FitBit Forces, flipped one on eBay for a decent profit, and held onto the other for personal use.  Man, I’m glad I didn’t sell both of them, because this thing is awesome.


Style: A

Comfort: A

Display: B

Functionality: A

Durability: Too soon to tell

Price/Value: B+

Overall: A-


The FitBit Force doesn’t just blow the Nike+ Fuelband out of the water, it pulls a Tyrion Lannister in the Battle of the Blackwater by dumping a gang of wildfire in the Nike+ Fuelband’s Bay and blowing it to pieces (if I’ve just lost you, watch/read some Game of Thrones and get with the program).  The FitBit Force is much more comfortable than the Fuelband.  It is sleek as hell, and actually has an Android app.  The display, although small, is bright in any light and displays everything you’d want to see.  The FitBit Force syncs via bluetooth to your computer or smartphone seamlessly, and can be customized to suit your personal goals.  The one knock on the FitBit Force, just like every fitness tracker I’ve looked into, is that it’s only water-resistant, not waterproof.  When will one of these companies release something you can swim with, or wear in the shower without fear (I’m sorry, even if they say you can shower with it, I’m not taking the chance).


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Hardcore Workouts

Summer has rapidly approached us and in fact, those warm months may be passing us by quicker than we’d really like them to. If you find yourself rushing to get back into shape in order to feel and look your best during a time of year when clothing may become minimal, then you’ll probably be looking for a new hardcore workout that will keep your attention and actually show results. The only problem is that even when our body is in exceptional shape, extreme workouts can really take a toll on our muscles, joints, and even bones. Now add these forms of hardcore workouts to your schedule when you may not be in your best shape, and you can expect injuries and muscle strains can be an unsightly but common side effect.

Take body building for instance, although this may or may not be the route you plan to follow, it is an intense form of training that can lead to serious injury as well as put a severe strain on your cartilage which may even begin to break down in many cases. It is extremely important when practicing any form of an exercise routine, especially body building or an intense workout plan, to take the appropriate steps to ensure your health and safety. Read the rest of this entry »


This year’s Philadelphia Tough Mudder was held at Jaindl Farms. I signed up for this event not really knowing what to expect. All I heard about the Tough Mudder was that you will get muddy, wet and tired. In addition, I heard this event is difficult and you need to train hard for it. The days leading up to it, I was nervous and not really sure that I should have signed up for this. Thank God I did.

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Chuck Norris with uzis

Remember those Chuck Norrisisms that were ridiculously popular a few years ago, and occasionally still get spewed today in social media?

Chuck Norris’ tears can cure cancer-  too bad he’s never cried.

Chuck Norris doesn’t get wet when he swims- the water gets Chuck Norris.

And so on.  Well, Chuck Norris has shaved his iconic beard and apparently stopped using the Total Gym:

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When it comes to working out, I think Kenny Powers said it best:

“I play real sports.  I’m not trying to be the best at exercising.”

When I go to the gym I put my headphones in, lift some weights, get some cardio in and call it a day.  There a lot of people who don’t follow the same mantra, and frankly they tend to annoy me.  These are the 10 people (in no particular order) that I can’t stand at the gym:

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