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After going 13-5 in Week 10, look for my predictions to remain worthy of recognition. There has been little movement within the top batch of teams, but Notre Dame did fall one spot after struggling with Pittsburgh all the way into triple overtime. West Virginia continues their fall from the glory of national spotlight to the glory hole of a rest stop bathroom off I-75. Little upsets this deep into the season, but this week there could be some serious shake-ups in the Top 25–especially with the grouping of one-loss teams. It remains to be a three-way race of who will lose first to determine who will play Alabama in the National Championship. The wait continues… Read the rest of this entry »

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Huge Week 9 as many favorites fell, leaving newcomers to rise and thrive in college football glory. Going 12-7 Week 9, I was a little bold on my underdog picks. I underestimated the shear strength of Notre Dame and overestimated the power of Florida, hands down. Kansas State, Oregon, and Notre Dame are the only teams that deserve to be in discussion for playing against Alabama (as of right now) for the National Championship. Week 10 leaves a more conservative approach as I don’t see many upsets happening, but some shakeups in the future BCS rankings. Dynastys still alive and well.

Teams noted in BOLD are my picks for the week

Missouri @ No. 7 Florida Read the rest of this entry »


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Not many upsets in Week 8, but there were plenty of nail biters and shake-ups along the BCS Top 25 rankings. The favorite, Alabama, remains atop the rankings for the 8th straight week. Surprises Kansas State and Oregon State continue to roll and climb their way into contention. Look for the trends to remain as there won’t be many upsets in this week’s matchups—but I’m calling a couple of BIG ones.

Teams noted in BOLD are my picks in the matchups for Week 9. Read the rest of this entry »

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– The Star* rating is how much I like that team against the spread.  10********** and 9********* are my lock picks of the week.
– The bold team indicates the team I like against the spread.  (ATS)
– The CAPITAL team is the home team.

Gamblers Key
O/U – Over/Under
ATS – Against the Spread
DOG – Underdog
FAV – Favorite
CON – Conference
DIV – Division
SU – Strait Up

All lines will be used from Bovada

10 ********** Lock of the WEEK

New Orleans Saints -3 1/2 over San Diego Chargers by 13
Yes the Saints are 0-4 and have one of the worst defenses in the league.  Drew Brees is still on fire.  Marques Colston finally got involved last week with a big game.  The Saints were in the game verse Green Bay and really, were one call away from winning.  It looks as if they are finally meshing as a whole.  This team might not be the powerhouse of the past few years, but they are still a very talented team.  Do not be fooled by their record, it was a slow start this year, with off season distractions.  They will start to role here week 5 with a big win at home over the Chargers. Read the rest of this entry »

Every week we get tweets and emails about articles or blog posts that we should check out.  Today we got one from Shanna and we thought it was pretty relevant.  With all the news surrounding the NCAA this summer, has put together a solid list of  “The 10 Most Controversial College Athletes Today”.   Read the rest of this entry »

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