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Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was in attendance at last nights Fiesta Bowl as his alma mater Baylor took on UCF. The Baylor football team fell to UCF in a shoot out 52-42. During the early stages of the game camera crews caught up with RG III as he was walking around the Baylor sidelines. RG III was trying to get his wife’s attention but she ignored Robert and his continuous efforts which resulted in Robert getting embarrassed on national television.

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University of Florida's quarterback Tebow celebrates with Hernandez after throwing a touchdown pass during their NCAA football game against the University of Arkansas in Gainesville


ESPN, the network that can never get enough Tim Tebow coverage, has hired Tim Tebow to cover NCAA Football on the SEC Network.  The interwebs and twitterverse ominously wait for the day Tim Tebow inevitably covers a Florida Gators game in which he will be forced to voice-over highlights of his own glory days.   Read the rest of this entry »


The name Jose Canseco can be related to a lot of things, such as steroids, Major League Baseball, boxing, “Bang Bros”, and more.

One thing that Canseco definitely isn’t relatable to is Texas Longhorn football. But is that about to change?

Canseco reached out to the University via Twitter to officially announce his candidacy for the position.

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Via @Crazy4NYSports

A year ago today, Georgia was supposed to be the team to beat Alabama. They got three-quarters of the way there, but a gaffe at the end of the season ended their hopes.  Don’t worry Georgia, Alabama can relate.   A gaffe at the end of their game last week against Auburn, cost them the game and another Championship.
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37 LSU vs 27 TCU, Sat, August 2013
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The Game of the week is on at 3:30 EST on ABC between Texas A&M & LSU. Yes I know. Another SEC game? Trust me it will be a great one.

LSU is coming off a huge game where they lost to Alabama. They left everything they had in the tank on the field in the first half and laid a huge egg in the second. They will definitely come back stronger.
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KState Seizure
This past weekend, the Kansas State Wildcats were playing host to the West Virginia Mountaineers.  It is a school tradition that before home games, the marching band is out on the field and a “fan of the other school” comes running out onto the filed and is tackled by the K-State mascot.  The “fan” is actually a member of the Kansas State cheer squad.  “Willie the Wildcat” laid a devastating hit on the kid and you can see his head slam on the turf and suffers a subsequent seizure.

I have to warn you, the video may be a bit disturbing. But you can check it out after the jump.
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The big game in college football this weekend is in Tallahassee, Florida. The University of Miami Hurricanes will take on the Florida State Seminoles at 7 PM. This is a huge game for both teams. If Miami wins, the whole nation will now take them seriously. If Florida State wins, they make their case for being in the National Championship game even stronger.
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Clowney vs Tenn
Well, that didn’t take long. South Carolina LB Jadeveon Clowney appears to get into the Tennessee backfield unblocked to destroy RB Najion Neal. He did get to him unblocked…because he got off the ball too quickly to get blocked by #74 LT Antonio Richardson. This dude is just a freak.
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Written by @Crazy4NYSports

Many great conference games Saturday in College Football, but I’ll break down the 2 most important ones. Followed by a projected Top 25 AP Poll.

Let’s start out with the game of the week at Death Valley. Two top 5 teams both in the ACC square off. #5 Florida State at #3 Clemson. Read the rest of this entry »

Washington Huskies

Written by Sam (@Crazy4NYSports)

There are a lot of good games this weekend in college football. Look for a bunch of possible upsets along the way.  Here we go with my top five picks for Saturday.

Lets start off in Chi-town for the game of the week. Ohio State at  Northwestern. Northwestern has a very good chance to upset the Buckeyes and rocket themselves into the top 10. Will it happen? Probably not. The Buckeyes have arguably the best offense in College football and only allow 17 PPG. That’s absurd. On the other hand Northwestern is giving up almost 25 PPG. Who comes out a victor? Read the rest of this entry »