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It is a simple question, please watch the video below and voice your opinion!

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NFL Picks Week 11

November 14, 2013 by


Coming off a big week in football as the Detroit Lions take the reins as they top the NFC North, the Jaguars and Buccaneers get their first wins, and big injuries across the board. This week is filled with in-state and division rivalry games, games of which will bring the cream to the top. Take my picks to the bank as this week I am taking some upsets but plenty of sure-fire winners.

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PhiLthy’s NFL Week 4 Picks

September 25, 2013 by

Raiders Broncos Football.JPEG-0fbdb


It shouldn’t be a surprise to many that teams like the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks have completely dominated opponents thus far but sleepers like the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs have bursted onto the scene in a hurry. Peyton Manning is quite possibly the best he’s ever been and has the tools to win big. Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers have struggled far more than expected. Drew Brees is back to Jesus-like form…Breesus.

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JP’s NFL Picks Against the Spread has a new layout and looks amazing.  I decided to start fresh and change-up my article and style of picking a little bit. I was currently 17-7-1 on my locks and exactly .500 on the year so far.  Its crunch time in the NFL and now is when you start to see the serious football unfold.

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  • The Star* rating is how much I like that team against the spread.  The highest star* is my favorite pick.
  • The bold team indicates the team I like against the spread. (ATS)
  • The CAPITAL team is the home team.

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Half of the NFL football season is over and I am starting to see teams separate themselves fro the rest of the league. Every year I make my final four prediction half way through the season. (6-0 picking AFC and NFC championships since 2009). The famous quote was “defense wins championships” but not in today’s flag football league. Defenses are not intimidating anymore as they are not allowed to hit like the old days. The soon to be new quote (which the NFL loves) “offense wins championships.” My football mother is going to hate to read that one, as she is from the old school and loves hard nose football. She used to say “if you can’t take the hit, you shouldn’t be out there playing.” The league has evolved and you must have success throwing to compete. My final four teams all consist of our leagues top passers. We very well could see a Super Bowl Manning vs Manning! If so we can finally stop the talks of who is the best Manning.

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'Cuse looking really, really good right now

1 Syracuse (31) 19-0 775
2 Kentucky 17-1 742
3 Baylor 17-0 714
4 Duke 15-2 654
5 Missouri 16-1 629
6 Ohio State 16-3 619
7 Kansas 14-3 591
8 North Carolina 15-3 569
9 Michigan State 15-3 509
10 Murray State 18-0 449
11 Connecticut 14-3 416
12 Georgetown 14-3 410
13 Indiana 15-3 358
14 Florida 14-4 304
15 Mississippi State 15-3 288
16 San Diego State 15-2 282
17 Virginia 14-2 269
18 Creighton 16-2 260
19 Michigan 14-4 259
20 UNLV 16-3 252
21 Louisville 14-4 130
22 Marquette 14-4 119
23 Saint Mary’s 17-2 100
24 Harvard 15-2 61
25 Illinois 15-3 58
  • Others receiving votes: Vanderbilt 47, Kansas State 46, New Mexico 41, Wisconsin 27, Middle Tennessee 21, Gonzaga 21, Seton Hall 16, West Virginia 13, Wichita State 13, Alabama 7, Nevada 3, California 2, Brigham Young 1
  • Dropped from rankings: Kansas State 18, Gonzaga 23

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