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Don’t be “Peyton” on me!

October 16, 2012 by

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Especially if your “Manning” me
Peyton is back with full force and exploiting teams man to man defenses.

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We have arrived at the quarter point in the NFL season (for most teams) and if there is one thing we know, it’s that we don’t know anything about anyone.  Each and every week one team looks great, then shits the bed the next.  The NFL wanted parody years ago, and boy do they have it.  Now that the real officials are back, games have more flow and maybe we can see the REAL NFL back in action.

We gathered up the usual suspects (@ttlsportsblog, @HookTSB and @JorelPetree) and took an average of everyone’s rankings to come up with TSB’s week 5 NFL power rankings.

J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans leads the NFL in sacks with 7.5 through four games.

1. Houston

“The Houston Texans are the most complete team in the NFL.  With Schaub back and healthy they have an offense that can compete with any team on the scoreboard.  The Texans have beat their opponents on an average of almost 20 points per game. Houston brought in Wade Phillips last year and what a difference he has made to the team’s defense” Read the rest of this entry »

Yes, we’re sorry.  The NFL season has begun and the Power Poll and Over/Unders were not out before the Saints and Packers kicked off the season Thursday night.  Sincere Apologies to all the TSB fans out there.  And by “all” I mean Mom, Dad and maybe a few random co-workers.

So without further adieu, Hook and your’s truly have banged out our over/unders for each NFL team.  We used as a reference and were done Tuesday (prior to the Peyton Manning News). Read the rest of this entry »

As we roll upon the weekend before the first NFL Preseason games start, most of the big time free agents have been signed and trades have been made.  Teams are now having their 1st official practices, and making moves to either get under the cap, or up to the cap floor.

Anyone who has a pulse and/or internet connection can see that one team in specific got MUCH better.  They are the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s hard to ignore a team that swooped in under the radar and signed the #1 or #1A cornerback in the league Nnamdi Asomugha, DE Justin Babin (12.5 sacks last year for Tennessee), TE Donald Lee (Packers), QB Vince Young (Everyone knows his story), DT Cullen Jenkins (Packers starting tackle had 7 sacks last year), and RB Ronnie Brown (Oft injured starting RB for the Dolphins the past 6 seasons). Its like the rich are just getting richer.

Then you have a team like the NY Giants who apparently have not gotten the text message that the flash mob has been moved to 12:30, because they basically have not signed a single player so far since free agency has started, with the exception of their own draft picks and free agents.

So before Braylon Edwards can get into another bar fight, here’s TSB’s Pre-Pre Season NFL Power Rankings… Read the rest of this entry »