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With the youth outdoor sports season in full swing, and many parents having to sit through hours of games on uncomfortable bleacher seats, Sports Unlimited reached out to me and asked if I’d like to review one of their patented stadium chairs that provides a comfortable back rest on bleacher seats.  I gave the Stadium Chair a whirl this weekend, and here’s how I feel about it:


Quality: A+

Utility: B

Value: B-

Overall: B+

The Sports Unlimited Stadium Chair is very sturdy, and extremely well-made.  You can tell a lot of thought went into its design and craftmanship.  It’s very comfortable to sit in, and definitely beats putting your rear end on a cold or wet bleacher seat.

With an MSRP of $42.99, I’m sure a lot of people would opt to tough it out and pass on the Stadium Chair, but its current price point of $32.25 makes it a little more enticing.  While I found it easy to carry, children or the elderly may find it to be a bit heavy.

If you or someone you know usually brings a cushion to sit on at the game, the Stadium Chair is definitely an upgrade and would make a great Christmas present.  You can purchase one at their site here:


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Consider the Kool-Aid drank.  I’ve finally crossed over to the dark side Apple and bought my very first iPhone.  As an Android user since smartphones became a necessity (Motorola DROID 20010-2011, HTC ThunderBolt 2011-2012, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 2012-2014), the iPhone 6 is a new experience for me, although I’ve been familiar with Apple technology for quite some time.  My family computer growing up has always been a Mac, I’ve had several iPods, and when my fiance isn’t using it I sometimes mess around with the iPad Air.  It’s only been about a week, but this is how I feel about the iPhone 6 compared to the last 5 years as an Android user: Read the rest of this entry »




If you’ve been following TSB, you’re sure to have seen a few of my reviews for different types of kinesiology therapy tape.  Last week I had a chance to talk to Team USA member Dotsie Bausch, one of the most accomplished athletes in women’s cycling about her cycling career and SpiderTech pre-cut elastic sports tape.  Dotsie uses the tape to alleviate some of the aches and pains a cyclist experiences while training.  Check out my Q&A with Dotsie and some info about SpiderTech sports tape after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »


Uncut & Unbaised: KT Tape Review

September 4, 2014 by


Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape is one of the biggest things in pain relief and support in sports right now.  Endorsed by Olympic

Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh, KT Tape is one of the leaders in the industry.  I had a chance to try out both the Original and Pro KT Tape, and here’s what I think about it:


Quality: A+

Utility: B+

Value: B

Overall: A-

I could separate this review into KT Tape Original and KT Tape Pro, but I figured the best way to inform the consumer about these products would be to discuss both at the same time.  The Original retails for $12.99 a roll, while the Pro version costs $19.99.  That’s a lot of money for 20 strips, but if you’re looking for the top of the line in Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape, the KT Pro is it.

KT Original is made of cotton fibers, and isn’t much different from Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape that I’ve reviewed in the past.  KT Pro is made of synthetic fibers and is noticeably different, from the packaging to the tape itself.  Both products are well constructed, and work exactly how they’re supposed to.  They each have the KT logo on each strip, just in case you want others to know that you’re wearing exactly what the pros wear.

My one knock on both products is that the individual strips themselves are not precut.  Most Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape that I prefer to use (my main issue is shin-splints) is already partially split down the middle.  While all you need is a pair of scissors to do this with KT Tape, it would be nice if it was already done for you.  If you’re interested in these products, check out their website after reading my full review.

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neon7 pinprecut3 sells energy balance bracelets and recovery tape.  They offer a variety of these products at competitive prices.  They sent me one of their neon energy bracelets and a roll of their pre-cut recovery tape for review.


Energy Bracelet

Style: B

Comfort: A

Utility: C

Value: D

Overall: C

Recovery Tape

Quality: B+

Utility: A

Value: A

Overall: A-


When I was contacted to review items from, I was surprised that there are companies out there still selling silicone hologram bracelets.  The Energy Balance bracelet that EBS sells looks just like the Power Balance bracelets that were popular a couple of years ago.  Power Balance was sued by consumers for $57 million and the company was forced to admit that its product is not scientifically proven to enhance balance, strength, and flexibility, contrary to the maker’s original claims.  While the Energy Balance Shop does not explicitly make these claims about their bracelets, they look just like the ones that did, and that’s enough to deter me from wearing them (other than for the purpose of this review).  Not only do they look just like Power Balance bracelets, they cost almost three times as much (Power Balance bracelets go for around $5 on nowadays), and I simply can’t recommend them.

I think the Energy Balance Shop should change their name to the Recovery Tape Shop, as this should be their bread and butter.  The Recovery Kinesiology Tape they sell is high quality, and comes in easy to use pre-cut strips, or solid rolls if you prefer to cut your own KT Tape.  The tape they offer is more affordable than many of the competitors on the market, and I highly recommend for any and all your Kinesiology Tape needs.

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Fruit of the loom Premium Collection

The great people at Fruit of the Loom sent me a bunch of boxers and undershirts from their new Premium Collection and asked me to review the new products for a post on TSB. What guy doesn’t need a great set of boxers and undershirts? Let’s do this.

For the quick review below, this is for the entire Premium Collections box of shirts and boxers I got. The package included a 5 pack of Select T-Shirts, 3 Pack of Sure-Fit Crew T-shirts, and a 3 pack of Sure Fit Knit Boxers.

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If you’re like most people, you probably have an iPod or iPhone with which you listen to music, watch movies, and/or play games.  While the Apple earpods offer decent sound quality, there is definitely room for improvement.  Enter Acoustibuds EPB (stands for ‘Ear Pod Bud’) Earphone Flexible Tips.  They’re designed to make your existing earphones stay in better, sound better, and feel better without spending a fortune.  I had a chance to try out the Acoustibuds EPB, and here’s what I have to say about them:


Comfort: C

Fit: B

Sound Quality: A

Price/Value: B+

Overall: B-

I’ll start off with a disclaimer: I have pretty small ears.  The Apple earpods themselves are almost too big for my ears, and I’ve never have an issue with them falling out on their own.  When you add a silicone cover to them, we’re talking about a tight squeeze.  If you feel like Apple earpods are constantly falling out of your ears, you’ll love Acoustibuds and have a much more favorable opinion than myself.

I was skeptical at first, but I must admit the Acoustibuds drastically improve the sound quality of Apple earpods.  The music was clear, crisp, and was undeniably a better listening experience than Apple earpods sans Acoustibuds.  If you think your listening experience can be enhanced by this product, feel free to pick them up on Amazon for an affordable $9.99.  They come in both black and crystal (clear).


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Jukz Wear Your Sports
We were contacted a few weeks ago by a company named Jukz Shoes, and they asked us to try out their slides and flip flops.  At first I thought to myself, “Flip flops?  What can be so different about these flip flops?”.  Then I went to the company website, and I was very intrigued.


Comfort – A
Style – B+
Weight – C
Concept – A
Price/Value – B+
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I want to start out this article by informing you that I am NOT a clean shaven guy. I haven’t been in years and nor do I plan to be, ever. I hate the feeling of a clean shaven face and I equally dislike the process of having to look that way. I tend to have scruff or a beard year round but as the summer is nearing, I decided to try a new look for the first time. When given the opportunity (Thanks to everybody at Gillette!) to get a razor to test out, I jumped, and quick. Read the rest of this entry »


The people at Heavy Hydration saw the need for affordable, eco-friendly hydration products to reduce the use of plastic bottles, and decided to do something about it.  They created a line of hydration packs and stainless steel water bottles that can be used over and over again.  They sent me one of their 24oz stainless steel bottles to try out, and here’s what I think:


Aesthetics: B+

Utility: B-

Quality: B

Price/Value: B

Overall: B

The Heavy Hydration 24oz black stainless steel water bottle looks cool, but does have its design flaws.  For one, it’s black, and becomes hot to the touch when left out in the sun for an extended period of time.  The caribiner is a non-weightbearing made in China clip that serves little purpose for what I’d use it for, and the carry handle is too small for my manly sausage fingers (couldn’t get past the knuckle on anything but my pinky).  If you’re into reducing your carbon footprint and saving the world from landfills overflowing with plastic bottles, and a stainless steel water bottle is up your alley, is worth a look while you shop around for the right hydration product for you.

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