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Clint Dempsey has scored a goal on the day of the World Cup Final.  Although it was for the Seattle Sounders in their game vs the Portland Timbers, and not the World Cup, it was still nice to see Deuce find the back of the net.  The ball pinballed around on a set-piece before Dempsey was able to get a foot on it and send it into the roof of the net.  Check out the video after the jump: Read the rest of this entry »



With about 7 minutes left in the second half of extra time in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final, Germany’s Mario Gotze trapped a ball on his chest and one-timed it into the side netting to lift his squad to a 1-0 victory over Argentina.  Check out the wonder-goal after the jump:

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Yesterday we witnessed Thomas Müller and Germany absolutely destroy 2014 World Cup host Brazil in their semifinal matchup 7-1.  For Lionel Messi and Argentina, it took a scoreless 120 minutes and penalty kicks to surpass the Netherlands on their way to the final.  Having personally seen Germany play live vs the United States and having watched just about every single game of this World Cup, I feel obligated to provide you with some insight into Sunday’s World Cup Final match. Read the rest of this entry »

Gonzalo Higuaín scored in the 8th minute to give Argentina a 1-0 lead over Belgium in the World Cup quarterfinals. Higuaín one timed a pass that was defected, and beat Belgium’s keeper low to the far post.
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More than 3 long years ago, I put down a $500 deposit with the intention of traveling to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup with the American Outlaws.  The package, which included airfare, hotel, and transportation to and from all 3 USA Group Stage games, cost me $5400.  I was on my own for tickets, food, and whatever miscellaneous purchases I would make.  While the total trip ended up costing my around $7,500, the memories I came back with are priceless.  This is my experience at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil with the American Outlaws:

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suarez bite


3-time in-game biter and Uruguayan National Luis Suarez has apologized to Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini for biting him on the shoulder, and vows never to do it again.  Check out the scumbag’s footballer’s apology after the jump:

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Not sure where this pic came from, but it’s now everywhere on twitter.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal for Portugal against Ghana in the 80th minute, put the United States into the knockout round of the World Cup.  With the Americans trailing 1-0 against Germany, they needed Portugal to score to advance.  And they did.  Ronaldo put home a rebound from close range to break the 1-1 tie.  Check it out.

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ghana junk

Ghana and Portugal were fighting it out for the possibility to make in to the knockout stage of the World Cup, and things were getting a bit “testy”.  Ok, that’s a terrible pun, but after you see the GIF (NSFW) you’ll see why.  Jordan Andre Ayew gets his shorts pulled by William Carvalho and WHOOPS! I have no idea why ESPN needed to show the replay a half a billion times though.
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Lionel Messi of Argentina scored on a sick free kick goal during stoppage time in the first half against Nigeria to give them a 2-1 lead.

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You read that right. Luis Suarez of Uruguay just bit Giorgio Chiellini of Italy at the World Cup. From tweets I have seen, this is the third time that Suarez has bitten an opponent on the pitch. Completely embarrassing and disgusting behavior. Check out the bite.
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