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Obama Boston Quote

Have you ever heard a bomb go off? Before today, I hadn’t. But now I’ve heard two. It’s something I hope I never hear again.


That’s the only word to describe the city of Boston today. I was less than a mile away from the bomb scene all day.

Here’s how my day went, step by step.

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When your favorite team is winning, everything smells like roses.  When your favorite team is losing, everything smells like dog crap.  So when a rational fan of your team tries to tell you to cool out and everything will be OK, maybe you should step back and think about it.

On Twitter, there’s this little star icon that you can click that “favorites” a tweet that you see.  It used to be used for the purpose of going back to a list that is generated to see your favorite tweets.  But now, it’s being used in an entirely different way. Read the rest of this entry »

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The 2012 NFL season kicked off Wednesday night with the Dallas Cowboys defeating the New York Giants 24-17.  After enjoying the game in 3-D on my new 55″ TV (I’m so smug), I made the mistake of logging into Facebook only to see the complete bitch-fest also known as my newsfeed.  Read the rest of this entry »

the image above is a rough prototype of what our new logo might look like

Total Sports Blog needs a new logo, and we’re going to pay you $100 if you come up with the best design.  Go to to submit your logo design.  Tell your friends.  Have your friends tell their friends.  The new logo is going to be featured on our website and all over TSB swag.  If you have graphic design skills, show us.

“Gave John a dollar for every time he’s been divorced. Count it folks. 5 bucks. Winner winner chicken twitter.” -Paul Bissonnette aka @BizNasty2point0

The guy on the right is Paul Bissonnette aka @BizNasty2point0, left winger for the Phoenix Coyotes of the NHL.  Biz Nasty is quite possibly the most entertaining professional athlete on twitter, and we want you to come up with a better caption than the one he provided for the above picture.  If you post the best caption in the comment section below or on Twitter to @HookTSB #TSBContest, we’ll send you some free stuff. Read the rest of this entry »

Back in the day when ESPN the Magazine came out, you got a free subscription to this thing called “ESPN: Insider”.  WOW, this is awesome!  In 2000, when there were like 4 other sports websites, it was.  After all, ESPN was essentially the only place for up to the minute sports news and analysis.  I remember asking friends if they had insider, just to see if I was the only cool one in the bunch who had access to…NEWSPAPER ARTICLES FROM ANOTHER CITY OTHER THAN NEW YORK!!!!!

Seriously.  This is what it was.  You got to read articles from the LA Times, Chicago Sun, and so on.  So it wasn’t really that big of a deal.  Fast forward to the mid 2000’s and ESPN got smart.  They started rolling out SABR geeks into their rotation of “Insiders”.  So if you wanted more hardcore analysis of stats and player rankings from a bunch of guys who haven’t seen any women’s private parts since the time their mother gave birth to them, this was right up your alley…all for a small monthly fee.  Just imagine, for $1.99 per month (now it’s up to $7.95 if you go month by month), you could dominate your friends in all of the “who’s better than who” conversations, and back it up with hip stats like OPS and WHIP!

“No way dude, Kobe’s PER in the 4th quarter is so much higher than Lebron’s!”…and now everyone within a 4 mile radius looks at you like you have 3 heads.  Honestly, who gives a shit what John Hollinger’s “PER” rating is for Kobe?  Ok maybe other than the idiot who’s paying for the service. Read the rest of this entry »

Following NCAA coaches can give you great detail into your favorite school. Give Coach Cal a follow @UKCoachCalipari

Check out this article from Total Sports Blog reader Carol, about the 50 college coaches you should be following on Twitter.



Social Stupidity

May 25, 2012 by

By Dave Slavin

In today’s society, everyone has a Facebook or a Twitter account, so it’s no surprise to see professional athletes on news feeds or timelines daily. Whether it’s promoting a charity, or just giving fans a look into their everyday lives, they post away. Most of the time it’s friendly.  Other times it’s not.   But there’s no debating the fact that social media has changed how we view not just athletes but celebrities as a whole.

Never before have professional athletes been so accessible or had such a forum for the fans.   Which for the most part is a good thing, but as with anything revolutionary, there will always be drawbacks. In this case, you know the annoying guy at the bar who is telling everyone who will listen that the pitcher sucks because he’s having an off game? Read the rest of this entry »

I think I just need to get something off my chest…

This site is dedicated to Sports and Pop Culture.  I know that.  But every day I must walk the “Trail of Tears”, as I call it.  A cattle herd of peope that walk from the World Trade Center PATH Station, to the blocks surrounding my office building on Broadway, downtown NYC.

Other than the fact that since the WTC PATH station has been under construction for about 7 years, forcing my walk to be what seems an extra mile, it’s not that bad of a stroll.

This might sound corny, but the best part about my walk to work  is going through Zuccotti Park.  This was formerly known as Liberty Plaza Park.  There was so much debris from the September 11th attacks, that the park was essentially destroyed.  5 years ago, It was reopened by a privately funded operation, and they did a beautiful job.

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