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In theory, fans voting for the cover athlete of their favorite video game makes sense. In theory, the fans will vote a player onto the cover that they want to see.

In reality, it doesn’t work. Especially in the National Hockey League.

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Arcade Games


Top 10 lists be damned.  After a brief back and forth on Twitter with Baggy Dizzle, I felt the need to drop a Top 5 list of the best arcade games of all-time.  And by all-time I mean my childhood, which was pretty much the late 80’s through the 90’s.  So save your “what about Pong?” or “how could you leave off Time Crisis 3?”.  And don’t even think about posting in the comment section “you must not have played DDR” because you know what?  You’re right.  I have never played Dance Dance Revolution.  I played sports and got real exercise.

So, without further ado, here are my Top 5 Arcade Games of All-Time:

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One of the most frustrating parts of MyTEAM in NBA2k14 is Domination mode and attaining a 3 star performance that will reward you with 3 packs.  There are a lot of videos on YouTube and threads online with theories on how to get 3 stars, but most of them are incorrect.  They all claim you need to score 80 points and get a lot of blocks.  This is NOT true.  The secret to getting 3 stars in Domination mode in NBA2k14 is… Read the rest of this entry »


UPDATE: I first wrote this article back in December. I’ve since found a better strategy which works more effectively.  This is the updated version of this article.

In MyNBA2K15, the mobile companion app to NBA2K15, you earn VC through the Daily VC Bonus, Pick and Win, and by winning Quick Games that can be used in your console game.  The mobile app can be quite addicting, and even frustrating as winning quick games becomes more difficult as you progress.  I’ve figured out the easiest way to win these Quick Games, and I don’t mind sharing my method with other users.  It’s a “hack” without actually hacking the game (which I’ve heard people do in order to win Rivals Challenge Cards- I haven’t tried it).  Read the rest of this entry »


If you play NBA2k14, there’s no doubt you’re searching for the easiest way to earn VC to boost your player in “My Career” mode.  After searching the internet I’ve found the best way to do it without purchasing VC with your actual money, or simulating My GM mode with the Miami Heat.  This is by far the best and easiest way to earn VC for NBA2k14:  Read the rest of this entry »



No, Sony did not hook me up with a PS4 on the arm.  I had to spend my hard earned money on several of these bad boys and flip them on eBay before I could consider mine “free”.  Gotta love the people who panicked after the pre-sale and paid $750+ on eBay for something that costs $399.  But enough about my own wheeling-and-dealing, let’s jump into my early review of the Sony Play Station 4.

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PS4 Controller

When is the PlayStation 4 being released?  How much will the PS4 cost?  What new games are going to be available on release date?  What are the specs of the new PlayStation 4 from Sony?  The E3 2013 PlayStation LiveCast is going on now, and I’ll update you live with all the news as it drops.  Get the answers to these questions and more after the jump.  Read the rest of this entry »

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after playing Madden 13 for about an hour…

Me: Not very impressed with the new Madden so far

Earl: How can you?  It’s the same shit every year

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6-time All-Star.  3-time World Series Champion.  World Series MVP.  Huge nerd.  All of these are accurate descriptions of Curt Schilling, whose dominance on the mound during his playing days made the former pitcher synonymous with the word “winner”.   Since his retirement from Major League Baseball, Schilling put a lot of his earnings into his other passion- massively multiplayer online role-playing games.  Unfortunately for Curt and the 300+ people of 38 Studios that he formerly employed, the man with the bloody sock has been nothing short of a failure when it comes to his business venture. Read the rest of this entry »

While there’s no word if they’ve fixed the glitch where linebackers can jump 4 feet off the ground at the line of scrimmage and pick-off passes intended for receivers 30 yards down the field, EA Sports has announced that Tebowing will be included in Madden NFL 13 as a touchdown celebration.  South Park fans eagerly await the verdict on the inclusion of Faith Hilling and/or Taylor Swifting. Read the rest of this entry »