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Ray Lewis will eat the heart of whoever is starting at QB for the Panthers today. The RAVENS are TSB's BEST BET of Week 11.


Unfortunately, this week we were unable to do the Thursday night Fantasy Football Podcast.  So along with TSB’s “Expert” weekly picks, I’ll also give you our Start ’em and Sit ’em for week 11.

Before we got to the weekly picks, here’s TSB’s Fantasy Football Forecast.

QB Start – Jon Kitna ( Dallas is at home against the Lions and Kitna has thrown for over 300 yds in 2 of his 3 starts.  Last week against the Giants, he threw over 20 passes 20+ yds downfield.  That’s exactly what you are looking for in your fantasy QB)  RESULT: 147 yds 3 TD, 40 rush yds 1 TD

QB Sit – Donovan McNabb (McNabb’s fat is quickly driving his fantasy stock into the ground.  Last week he was absolutely dreadful against the Eagles.  This week, it won’t get any better at the Titans.)  RESULT: 376 yds 1 TD 1 INT

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Jon Kitna is going to be running for his life all day. The NY Giants are TSB's BEST BET for Week 10.

After TSB’s week 9 Bye Week, I’m back and ready to roll.  Coming off my best week (8-5 and a Best Bet winner), I will return to what has been working.  1st thing that comes into my head, that’s what I’m going with.  My overall record is now ony 1 game below .500 at 43-44-1 and my Best Bet record has been raised up to 3-4.

Matty Ice and the Atlanta Falcons took care of Joey Eyebrow and the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night.  So obviously I didn’t pick that game.


Bengals @ Colts (-7)

Carson Palmer has been trying to lose every game by himself by throwing it to the other team.  But somehow the other team keeps dropping it, or tipping it to T.O. for TD’s.  Palmer has great looking #’s this year, but they all come in garbage time.  I smell a back door cover here.  PICK: Bengals  RESULT: WIN

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Ronnie Brown will finally have a big game this week against the Bengals. This makes the Dolphins TSB's BEST BET for week 8.

With the new strategy in place, I’ll stick with it after an 8-6 week, and upping the Best Bet record to 2-4.  My record is creeping up to the .500 mark, and it currently stands at 35-39-1.  With 6 teams on their bye, week 8 should be interesting. 


Broncos @ 49ers (-2.5) in London, England

Why the hell does the NFL think that people in England give a shit about the NFL?  Hey Rodger Goodell, if you want the English go care, stop sending shitty teams over there every year.  That being said, Troy Smith is starting for the 49ers, and they’re giving points.  This is absurd.  PICK: BRONCOS  RESULT: LOSS Read the rest of this entry »

Charles and Jones figure to run all over the Jags this weekend. Once again, the Chiefs are TSB's BEST BET for Week 7.

Complete disaster.  Train wreck.  Car crash.  Anyone of these things can be what describes my picks this year.  After a 5-8-1 week 6, I’m going to drastic measures this week.  Whatever the 1st thing that comes to my mind when looking at a matchup is, I’m going with it.  No fancy analysis or anything.  So here we go.  1-4 in Best Bets and a 27-33-1 overall record.  Something has to give.


Steelers (-3) @ Dolphins

Big Ben.  South Beach.  Chicks are DTF.  As Big Ben will this weekend…Lay the wood. PICK: STEELERS  RESULT: LOSS Read the rest of this entry »

Ahmad Bradshaw and the Giants should tame the Lions this week. They are TSB's BEST BET of week 6.

Whaddya know?  My first week above the .500 mark.  I know an 8-6 week 5 is nothing to brag about, but when you’ve had to go to the depths of picking which team’s jersey has the best colors, it’s an accomplishment.  With the 8-6 Week 5, My record creeps up to 27-33, and my dismal Best Bets fell to 1-3 with Houston not showing up against the Giants.  This week, the analysis of my picks will be as short as Snookie, and as blunt as The Situation in a Miami night club at 3am when he’s not finding any chicks who are DTF.


Chargers (-8.5) @ Rams

Rivers is gonna throw it 40 times, Ryan Matthews Fantasy Owners are going to continue to kick themselves in their own asses, and Danny Ammendola will have 16 targets and 6 catches.  Easy cover here.  PICK: CHARGERS  RESULT: LOSS

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TSB loves the Texans and Arian Foster to demolish the Giants this week. They are TSB's BEST BEST for Week 5.

Ok, this is now getting out of control.  After a 6-8 week 4, I’m sitting at 19-27 on the year and 1-2 on Best Bets.  Are there any good teams in the NFL?  Or is every team essentially the same?…..except the Bills.  Well, have no fear Bills fans.  You will get your first victory of the season!  That’s right, you will hold MJD under 250 yds rushing.  That’s a win, right? 

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Can Jay Cutler and the Bears move to 4-0? TSB thinks so. Da Bears are our BEST BET in week 4

Please excuse me while try to rinse the taste of vomit out of my mouth.  Another week, another disaster picking the games.  I’m almost at the point where I’m gonna get that damn octopus that picked the World Cup winners, to make my NFL picks.  Last week I went 7-9 for a combined record of 13-19 through weeks 2 and 3.  Best Best record stands at 1-1.  This week starts the bye weeks.  So there are 2 fewer games on the slate.

1 PM Eastern

Denver @ Tennessee (-6.5)

It’s getting hard to ignore the fact that Kyle Orton might be a good QB.  In a losing effort, last week he threw for over 450 yds against the Colts.  Without Knowshawn Moreno in the lineup, newly acquired Lawrence Maroney was called upon to shoulder most of the running game.  He was hardy impressive, so Orton took to the air.  On the Titans side, the defense came up huge in their win on the road last week against the Giants.  The Titans were able to create multiple turnovers in the Giants Red-Zone, and change the game’s flow.  Chris Johnson was outstanding once again with 130 yds on the ground and a TD.  I think Tennessee’s defense is going to be the Read the rest of this entry »

Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs are TSB's Best Bet for Week 2

Last week I was so wrapped up in the start of Fantasy Football, that I forgot to put out my picks for the week.  So from now on, I’ll post my picks for each game and keep a running tally to see what my winning percentage is for the year from week 2-17.  So without further ediu….TSB’s week 2 picks.

1 PM Eastern

Kansas City @ Cleveland (-3)

Last Monday night Kansas City showed the 57 people still awake at 1:30 AM, that they are on the way to turning this ship around.  The Chiefs have become super athletic, and can obviously run the ball.  The Browns on the other hand can’t run or throw the ball.  The only chance they have to score is on a punt or kick return by Josh Cribbs.  Not that it would help if he was on the field, but QB Jake Delhomme looks like he’s not going to play and career backup Seneca Wallace will be running the show for the Browns.  BEST BEST Pick: KC  RESULT: WIN

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