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TSB Radio Episode #25

January 8, 2014 by

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Last night Earl, Jon, and Kevin talked about the MLB Hall of Fame vote that is coming up this afternoon, the NFL playoffs, Craft Beer, and the WWE. Special thanks to @Graves9, @@xTomatoez, @GetsThruBuckner, and @MidnightBashem for all calling in. We wouldn’t keep doing the show if you guys weren’t calling in.
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DX Crotch chup

If you are a male in your early thirties, it is almost a guarantee that at one time or another you were a huge WWE/WWF fan. It was in our blood. On Saturday mornings you were fixed to the television, just hoping to see your favorite wrestler. The commercial would end and then…”OH MY GOSH!!! IT’S HIS MUSIC!!!” would pulsate through your tiny little skull. For me, that was either The Ultimate Warrior or Bret Hart. Those theme songs just got me so pumped.
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