Kay Ohhh is gettin' ready to dominate the Rams this week. He's the sole reason that the BRONCOS are TSB's Best Bet for week 12.

Week 12 is already underway with 3 games on Thanksgiving.  If I had no family, OR was a little more dedicated, I would have had picks for those 3 games out on Wednesday night.  But, since neither of those came into play, I’ll just give you TSB’s Expert picks for the games today and Monday night.  With my best week this season (10-5 and winning my Best Bet), I’ve moved to 60-55-1 and 4-5 in Best Bets.  Two weeks in a row over .500, LOOK OUT!


Vikings (-1.5) @ Redskins

For some unknown reason, the Skins play up or down to their competition each week.  So with that you would think that they would get up for this home game and beat the Vikings.  WRONG.  Leslie Frasier is going to have a contract put out on McNabb today.  Finally, a Vikings pass rush. Pick: VIKINGS  RESULT: WIN

Steelers (-6) @ Bills

Now everyone LOVES the Bills.  And that’s why I HATE them this week.  Yeah, they hang around in games, and have played well.  But this week, they’re gonna get it handed to them.  You better hide all the hockey moms.  Cause the White Mamba is in town.  Pick: STEELERS  RESULT: LOSS

Titans @ Texans (-6)

It’s pretty safe to say that when your starting QB goes out and gets his name tattooed on his back, as if it’s his jersey, than he’s not going to be around for much longer.  Well Vince Young, your time is up.  Go Get ‘EM Charlie St. Cloud!  Jeff Fisher is sending his resume to Jerry Jones as we speak. Pick: TEXANS  RESULT: WIN

Jags @ Giants (-7)

Jags have their 2 starting tackles out this week.  This is gonna be a long afternoon for MJD and David Garrard.  (I guarantee this is going to backfire) Pick: GIANTS  RESULT: LOSS

Panthers @ Browns (-9.5)

You can’t be serious.  When was the last time the Browns were laying 9.5?  1987?  If we’ve learned anything the last few weeks, it’s that this Goodsen kid for the Panthers can run the ball.  I gotta take the points anytime the Brows are giving them. Pick: PANTHERS  RESULT: WIN


Bucs @ Ravens (-7.5)

Yes, the Bucs have won 4 out of 5, but the only game the lost was to an actual NFL team.  The other 4 games they played Alcorn St., Moorehead St., Texas A&T, and The College of Derp.  I love Josh Freeman, I think he’s going to be a real good QB, but I don’t think that this is the Bucs time yet.  The Ravens at home are a different team.  Ray Ray is looking for blood.  Yours Mr. Freeman.  Pick: RAVENS  RESULT: LOSS

Eagles (-3) @ Bears

I keep picking against the Bears every week, and this brutally flawed team finds a way to win each week.  So I don’t know what the hell to do.  My head is telling me that the Eagles are a complete team, with something to prove.  They want everyone to know that they are more than the Mike Vick Show.  But my heart is telling me that this bumbling group of mediocre players known as the Bears, are going to get some unreal lucky bounce that they always get, and take it to the house for a 24-20 win. Pick: BEARS  RESULT: WIN

Packers @ Falcons (-2)

Great game.  I can’t wait for this one.  Matty Ice is 18-1 at home in his career.  The Falcons are rolling right now.  I gotta go with what history is telling me.  Pick: FALCONS  RESULT: WIN

Dolphins @ Raiders (-2.5)

Tyler Thigpen looked down right awful last week.  The only person who had a worse game than him last week was the offensive coordinator.  That jerkoff only called 7 running plays the entire night!  That better be different this week, because the Raiders are gonna be PISSED coming off last week’s trashing in Pittsburgh.  McFadden should be back in for this week after being stuffed last week.  Pick: RAIDERS  RESULT: LOSS

Chiefs (-2.5) @ Seahawks

I rode them early, but I’m starting to trust them less and less each week.  The Chiefs showed lots of promise early on in the season, but I’m just not sure they are ready to turn the corner just yet.  If they are, they’ll need to go into Seattle and win this game.  This is a battle between 2 teams that NEED homefield to resemble anything close to an NFL team.   Sorry Chiefs, but I just don’t trust you on the road. Pick: SEAHAWKS  PICK: LOSS

Rams @ Broncos (-3.5)

The Rams are another team that I really like, but are starting to fizzle a little.  They are very much like the Chiefs and need the friendly confines of the dome to play well.  When was the last time Sam Bradford played a game when the temperature was 20 degrees? BEST BET Pick: BRONCOS  RESULT: LOSS


Chargers @ Colts (-3)

NEVER BET AGAINST PEYTON MANNING AT NIGHT WHEN HE’S ON TV!!!!!!!!! Pick: COLTS (This has push written all over it)  RESULT: LOSS


49ers (-1) @ Cardinals

Wow, I can’t wait to watch this one.  NOT!  Blah blah blah, who cares, Frank Gore Touchdown! WOOOO! Pick: 49ers  RESULT: WIN