…do it Jerry.  Please.  Just pull the damn trigger.  No one is looking at this 2-6 start as “only 8 games”.  It’s more like the last 250 games.  As Mets fans call up local radio stations and write on their blogs, Jerry keeps finding ways to justify every loss. Take this gem from Jerry after last night’s loss…

“I think if we keep ourselves in games, we have a shot, because of the fight that’s in the club”

What fight Jerry?  There is no fight.  When your team is hitting something close to .100 so far this season with runners in scoring position, you don’t have fight.

Jerry not only is hallucinating, he might just be taking drugs.  This guy is so aloof to what’s going on, that he decides that in the 10th inning, with a 2 and 2 count, that he’ll send in a pinch runner for Mike Jacobs.  That’s right.  Jacobs in on 2nd base, and the count is  2 and 2.  HELLO JERRY!  What the hell were you thinking about?  Did it just dawn on you that Jacobs might get on base?  (I know, I was just waiting for a patented pop-up to the infield or a strikeout)

I’ve wanted to give Jerry some slack.  I really haven’t been thinking he should be let go.  But this season so far is just a conformation that he has zero control over this team.  I really don’t think he has a clue or a plan.  He wants Reyes batting 3rd. Why? He wants Mejia in the bullpen.  Why? He wants Ike Davis in the minors.  Why?  He plays Garry Matthews Jr in CF instead of Angel Pagan.  Why? He’s a total disaster.  When Carlos Beltran went down last year, Pagan hit .300 and batted leadoff for a little over 2 months.  The guy was a catalyst.  Now…lets bat him 8th IF he plays.  C’MON MAN.

Omar Minaya hasn’t given Jerry any help this off-season other than Jason Bay, but Bay was only one of 10 holes the Mets had to fill.  Everyone in baseball knew that the Mets season and Jerry’s job was riding on the trio of Mike Pelfrey, John Maine and Ollie Perez.  Well Jerry, it was nice knowing ya.  Make sure to thank your 3 headcase pitchers and Omar on your way out.

Keep it “Gangsta” Jerry.