Jon Kitna is going to be running for his life all day. The NY Giants are TSB's BEST BET for Week 10.

After TSB’s week 9 Bye Week, I’m back and ready to roll.  Coming off my best week (8-5 and a Best Bet winner), I will return to what has been working.  1st thing that comes into my head, that’s what I’m going with.  My overall record is now ony 1 game below .500 at 43-44-1 and my Best Bet record has been raised up to 3-4.

Matty Ice and the Atlanta Falcons took care of Joey Eyebrow and the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night.  So obviously I didn’t pick that game.


Bengals @ Colts (-7)

Carson Palmer has been trying to lose every game by himself by throwing it to the other team.  But somehow the other team keeps dropping it, or tipping it to T.O. for TD’s.  Palmer has great looking #’s this year, but they all come in garbage time.  I smell a back door cover here.  PICK: Bengals  RESULT: WIN

Texans @ Jaguars (-1.5)

Neither team plays defense, both have great RB’s, but one team has David Gerrard.  He absolutely stinks.  Matt Schaub to Andre 3k.  That’s all I can say. PICK: Texans  RESULT: LOSS

Titans (-1) @ Dolphins

Everyone’s favorite limp wristed QB is back at the helm for the Fish.  Chad Pennington is replacing Chad Henne under center, in an attempt to save the Fins season.  The Fins have yet to win a game at home so far this year (0-3) and Chris Johnson and Randy Moss roll into town.  I like CJ2K to run wild.  PICK: Titans  RESULT: LOSS

Vikings (-1) @ Da Bears

Da Bears have given up the most sacks in the NFL this season.  The Vikings are supposed to have a great pass rush.  Too bad Jared Allen’s mullet has been getting in his way all year.  But this week it is going to change.  Mr. Allen will be in Cutler’s grill all day.  PICK: Vikings   RESULT: LOSS

Lions @ Bills (-2.5)

How a team that is 0-8 is favored is just crazy.  I don’t care that they are at home,.  It hasn’t mattered if they are home, away or in Canada.  This team hasn’t won a game all season.  Chaos will N. Suh this weekend, and Megatron will turn into some intergalactic machine that no one can cover. PICK: Lions  RESULT: WIN

Jets (-3) @ Browns

The Jets are coming off 3 lackluster performances in a row.  Now this week, they take on their former coach, Eric Mangini.  Last week the Browns upset the Patriots.  But it’s not happening this week.  Rex Ryan is going to take Peyton Hills out of the game and make Colt McCoy try to beat him.  PICK: Jets  RESULT: WIN

Panthers @ Bucs (-7)

The Panthers are going into Tampa with their 4th string RB and backup, rookie RB.  Do I really need to say more?  PICK: Bucs  RESULT: WIN


Chiefs (-1) @ Broncos

The Broncos are 4-14 in their last 18, after starting last season off with a 6-0 record.  They’ve been allowing a ton of points, and most of it has been coming on the ground.  By the way, the Chiefs have an incredible running game.  Orton will get some points by going thru the air, but I see a 41-24 type blowout by the Chiefs. PICK: Chiefs  RESULT: LOSS

Rams @ 49ers (-6)

Troy Smith is starting again at QB for the 49ers and that means they are a 6 pt favorite?  This is nonsense.  I’m going to continue to bury the 49ers each week.  Sam Bradford has his breakout game this week.  I just have a hunch.  PICK: Rams  RESULT: WIN

Seahawks @ Cards (-3)

God the NFC West is terrible.  I guess I’ll take the Cards here.  I have no idea why. PICK: Cards  RESULT: LOSS

Cowboys @ Giants (-13.5)

Ok, I’m officially done with the Cowboys.  From here on out, I’ll probably bet against them every week.  As long as John Kitna is playing QB, he’s going to get sacked 5 times per game and throw 2 or 3 interceptions.  And with Jason Garrett as the interim head coach, Kitna is going to throw the ball till his arm falls off.  Tuck and Osi might kill Kitna.  This is the easiest $$$ of the year so far.  PICK: BEST BET Giants  RESULT: LOSS


Patriots @ Steelers (-4.5)

If the Steelers weren’t so banged up, I would have picked them.  But with 3 players out with head injuries, and losing their left tackle, I think the Pats will find a way to keep this close.  I can see Brady leading a drive to get the pats to a 24-20 score with an on-side kick coming with only 30 seconds left.  I like the Steelers to win, but not cover. PICK: Pats  RESULT: WIN


Eagles (-3) @ Redskins

McNabb vs. Philly part 2.  This is where the Eagles show the Redskins why they dumped McNabb on them and kept Vick. Pick: Eagles  RESULT: WIN