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July 19, 2011 by
By Hasib Hossain
Every morning during an NBA season, I will try to put out news, blog articles, and interesting tidbits about Basketball and the NBA in a concise format and comment about.  I am going to call them my morning shootarounds.  I will also write my own original long form blog pieces but I feel this is the best way to get myself in to the fray of the Total Sports Blog family.  Now without further delay:

Yao Ming and Patrick Chewing breaking bread in China before Yao Ming has his official press conference for his retirement in China.

Ty Lawson asks if he can file for unemployment on his twitter last night.  If any NBA players file for unemployment, I think sports fans should have a reaction akin to the Vancouver riots after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup.

Tracy McGrady is interested in signing with the Lakers after the lockout.  Yep, that is exactly what the Lakers need: another aging swingman with knee problems that can’t guard quicker guards on the perimeter.  Pretty sure Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak are fighting tooth and nail to be the first one to take credit for signing T-Mac!

Latke at Knickerblogger reveals some scary stats about when Melo and Amar’e don’t have the basketball in their hands.  Take solace, fellow Knicks fans!  Lebron isn’t too great without the ball either and the Heat went to the Finals.  Plus Melo and Amare were both amongst league leaders in the NBA last year in scoring in the 4th quarter.  Hopefully, they learn to play together in the offseason so they improve their efficiency without the ball.

– Speaking of which, Alan Hahn reports that Amar’e has contacted fellow Knicks teammates currently under contract to join him for workouts in Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, Jared Jeffries was also invited.  Hopefully, Stat and Melo can teach him how to catch a pass.

– I’m not having a hard time believing this but Michael Jordan can still dunk at the age of 48.  My question is can he play for the Knicks?

– I don’t want to overdose you guys with Michael Jordan news but he’s a celebrity nominee for the Bowling Hall of Fame along with Lil Wayne and Lady Gaga.  However, I voted for Jeff Bridges…mainly because of my partiality to The Dude.

– With the NBA schedule coming out later this afternoon, news has leaked that one of the Christmas day games will be Celtics vs. Knicks at MSG.  That is if the schedule actually gets played out…which Comrade Stern might not allow with his iron fist.

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