Ladies and gentleman, we’ve got a bit of a Situation.

Tonight’s episode was chock full o’ The Situation and all of his classic antics. Bringing chicks home and causing drama.

Early on in the episode, as we all expected, Ronnie and Sammi get back together and the vomit fest starts back up again. If MTV spends any more than 45 seconds on these two the rest of the season, I’m going to have to stop watching. How many more times do we have to see Sammi and that dumbass smile of hers? She’s the most shallow person on the show and that’s tough to be. *Side note – was she not able to get her top lip through customs? God that’s annoying to look at.

Deena has been looking for love ever since last season, and maybe there is a chance she’s found it. The girls went to a cafe for lunch and she thought the waiter was cute. So naturally since he “spoke English good”, they exchanged numbers and he went out to the club with them later that night. After a 7 hour make out session at the club, they go back to the house and take over the bedroom. Too bad she’s rooming with Vinny and Pauly, because they really give her a hard time, in good fun, but essentially cause the dude to sneak out in the middle of the night. Poor Deena.

Remember when Pauly D had the stalker at the shore in the 1st season and carried over into the 2nd? Well Mike has his own stalker now…but it’s even better. TWIN stalkers! That’s right. Mike’s been smashing Brittney the first few episodes, and now we’ve found out she has a twin sister, Erica. These two start showing up everywhere and Mike has mixed emotions about it. So what do Paulie, Vinny and Ronnie do about it? Pull a prank!

The morning after Mike ditches these two at the club early on in the show, Brittney keeps calling…and calling….and calling the house to talk to Mike. So the guys are finally sick of it and while Mike is still sleeping, Ronnie puts his best “Sitch” voice on, and tells the twins to come over in an hour. This was great. Of course they show up and Sitch has just woken up and totally blind-sided by these two showing up. But Mike does the right thing and goes along with them showing up. He takes them out for brunch….to lay the groundwork for a 3-some!

So later on the whole crew gets its club on and is having a ball. Vinny can’t believe that they’ve all taken over this club and has everyone fist-pumping the night away with them. And then it happens. THE TWINS! They crash the group and Chaos ensues. #Twinning becomes the topic of the night on twitter and Deena makes the night even better.

Snooks starts workin’ the 3-some angle with the twins for Mike and he is appreciating it, even though he’s been trying to work an angle to get it in with Snooki (we’ll get back to that in a few moments). So everything is looking great for the 3-some and here comes Deena out of the blue and cockblocks Mike by swiping one of the twins and starts hardcore making out with her. WOAH! LESBIONICS!

And you thought the night couldn’t get any crazier?!?!? Which ever chick Deena steals (it’s real tough to tell the two of them apart) decides that she’s gonna cuddle the night away with Deena and it’s time for bed. So when Deena gets up to go to the bathroom or something, the twin gets up and hops into Vinny’s bed. OMG! Deena comes back in, and here’s the twin riding Vinny’s sausage! Incredible. After a little bit of convincing, Deena gets her back into her bed (not after falling off the sausage and directly onto the floor) and another full on Lesbionic scene ensues. But Deena seems like she starts to sober up and can’t continue. Naturally, the twin gets up and climbs back up on Vinny’s braciole (Down on the shore it’s pronounced “Bra-shole”) to end the night.

And you thought the drama was over?!?!? While at the club, everyone’s favorite drunk meathead, Ronnie, tells JWOWW that Mike told him that he and Snookie had banged a few months back, even though she was with he current boyfriend that she’s madly in live with, Gianni. In typical Shore fashion, the dirty laundry gets aired out at 3am while everyone is trashed. Snooks finds out that Mike told “everyone” that they hooked up and let’s him have it, calling him a liar.

Well played Ronnie…well played. Mike had ratted out Ronnie on like 47 different occasions, and now it was payback time. I can’t wait to see what happens next week after seeing the coming attractions.

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