2 Dominant weeks in a row.  What can I say?  I’ve got the juice.  If you want to make some cash this weekend, you know whose advice to take.  9-3-1 last week brings me to 35-18-2 (3-1 best bets) on the season.  With a record like that, I deserve to address myself in the 3rd person.  Here are Hook’s picks for week 8:

Tennessee -8.5 VS Indianapolis

Jacksonville +10 @ Houston

Carolina -3.5 VS Minnesota

New Orleans -13.5 @ St Louis

Baltimore -13 VS Arizona

Miami +10 @ NY Giants

Buffalo -6 VS Washington

Denver +3 VS Detroit

New England -2.5 @ Pittsburgh

San Francisco -9 VS Cleveland

Cincinnati -2.5 @ Seattle

Philadelphia -3 VS Dallas

San Diego -3.5 @ Kansas City

P Riv is going to smash Kansas City’s momentum.  The San Diego Super Chargers are going to roll in KC, no doubt.  Lock it in.  OK Earl, you think you can catch up this week?

.500 would be acceptable in baseball, but not in NFL picks.  After going 6-6-1 last week and losing my best bet (Thanks for not getting a 1st down the entire first half Ravens), there’s no way that I’ll disappoint this week.

Indianapolis +8.5 @ Tennessee

Houston -10 vs Jacksonville

Carolina -3.5 vs Minnesota

New Orleans -25 (I’d lay 25 but it’s 13.5) vs St. Louis

Baltimore -13 vs Arizona

NY Giants -10 vs Miami

Buffalo -6 vs Washington

Detroit -3 vs Denver

New England -2.5 @ @ Pittsburgh

Cleveland +9 @ San Francisco

Cincinnati -2.5 @Seattle

Dallas +3 @ Philadelphia

San Diego -3.5 @ Kansas City

After watching Sean Payton run the score up on the colts like he was trying to gain a BCS bowl game birth, who’s to say he’s not going to do it again to the Rams?  I’d seriously lay 25 in this game and see if I can get that with a bookie.  Bradford is out again, and you saw what the Cowboys did to the Rams last week with Feeley at the helm.

Make sure to check back next week for NFL Mid-Season Power Rankings and Awards.