Last week I called my picks in from Vegas after 2 sleepless nights and an amount of alcohol that would kill most mortal men.  I’m going to be honest the lack of sleep/sobriety cost me.  6-8 for my 2nd sub par week in a row, but I’m back in Chi-town, well rested and ready to get back on track.  47-32-3 on the season (4-2 best bets) is still a solid mark and I’m looking to improve with this week’s picks (minus the Thursday night game, obviously)

Pittsburgh -3 @ Cincinnati

Kansas City -3 VS Denver

Jacksonville -3 @ Indianapolis

Buffalo +5.5 @ Dallas

Houston -3 @ Tampa Bay

Carolina -3 VS Tennessee

Washington +3.5 @ Miami

Atlanta PK VS New Orleans

Detroit +3 @ Chicago

St Louis +2.5 @ Cleveland

Philadelphia -14.5 VS Arizona

Baltimore -6.5 @ Seattle

San Francisco -3.5 VS NYG

New England +1.5 @ NYJ

Green Bay -13.5 VS Minnesota

The Philly VS Arizona game is going to be such a bloodbath that most handicappers won’t even give a spread.  The Eagles are not who we thought they were, but the Cardinals suck so bad they’re going to let ’em off the hook.  Vick accounts for 5 TDs (3 passing, 2 rushing) in a blowout of New Orleans VS Indianapolis proportions.  Look for Earl to chime in with his picks shortly.

My record is so bad I don’t even want to go back and look at it.  But there’s a new week and that means it’s time to wager my daughter’s enter NYState529 account this week.  Ya gotta make it back somehow, right?

Pittsburgh -3 @ Cincy

Kansas City -3 vs Denver

Indianapolis +3 vs Jacksonville

Dallas -5.5 vs Buffalo

Houston – 3 @ Tampa Bay

Tennessee +3 @ Carolina

Miami -3.5 vs Washington

Atlanta PK vs New Orleans

Detroit +3 @ Chicago

Cleveland -2.5 vs St. Louis

Philadelphia -14.5 vs Arizona

Baltimore -6.5 @ Seattle

NY Giants + 3.5 vs San Francisco

New England +1.5 @ Jets

Minnesota +13.5 @ Green Bay

I never thought I’d be writing this, but I’m gonna take the fish -3.5 at home against the Redskins as my best bet.  Miami has been in essentially every game this season and finally got over the hump last week at Kansas City.  Reggie Bush is playing great and Washington might be as bad as the Colts.  Let’s go Fish!