When it comes to Thanksgiving, most people really only care about two things.  The football and the food.  The Pilgrims and Indians sometimes creep into the back of our minds, but when it comes down to turkey day, it’s all about  whether you want to start eating in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of the Lions game.

This year, you might want to DVR the 2nd half, or just move the dinner table into the living room.  The Lions (7-3) are now a real team for the 1st time in 15 years, and guess who’s coming to town?  Aaron Rodgers and the undefeated Packers (10-0).

In the second game, lame duck coach Tony Sporano and the suddenly hot Miami Dolphins (3-7), winners of three in a row, travel to Dallas to take on the first place Cowboys (6-4).  Three weeks ago this looked like an awful game, but thanks to both teams having 3 game winning streaks, that all changes.

In the nightcap, it’s the “Harbowl”.  The shocking 9-1 49ers travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens (7-3).  Jim vs John Harbaugh,  in the HARBOWL!!!!

Earl’s Picks : Packers -6.5, Cowboys -7, Ravens -3.5

Hooks’s Picks: Packers -6.5, Cowboys -7, 49ers +3.5

It’s pretty clear here that we’re not buying into the Lions taking down the Packers.  Everyone on earth is trying to be cool and say that the Lions are going to be the team to do it.  Don’t think so.  The Packers indoors is like Mark McGwire on steroids at a little league field.

We both like Romo to light up the fish.  It was cute when the Dolphins tried to make it look like they were a real team, but it’s going to be another turkey day blowout for the Boys.

As for the Harbowl, it’s anyone’s guess.  Two solid teams, two solid coaches.  It’ll probably come down to a field goal or something like that.  Either way it should be a great game.

Turkey Day Power Rankings

1. Packers (10-0) Until someone can beat the Pack, they’re not going anywhere

2. Saints (7-3) Coming of a bye week, the Saints are gearing up for the final run with 4 of the next 6 at home. Sounds nice.

3. 49ers (9-1) Yes, they have the 2nd best record in football, but until I see Alex Smith be the reason they win a game, they’re going to stay here.

4. Ravens (7-3) With a win over the 49ers, the Ravens might just run the table to 13-3 and a #1 seed.

5. Steelers (7-3) Ben’s broken thumb really worries me.  This is the time Mendenhall and the D must step up.

6. Patriots (7-3) One of the easiest schedules down the stretch should lead to a first round bye.

7. Texans (7-3)  Matt Schaub out, Andre Johnson in.  What a tough break for the Texans.  No Williams and no Schaub.  Oh, hi Matt Leinart.

8. Lions (7-3) After the 4 interception disaster against the Bears, Stafford overcame a rough start to lead a great comeback vs the Panthers.

9. Bears (7-3) Cutler + broken thumb = disaster.  Caleb Hanie, good luck brah.  Just don’t F this up.

10. Cowboys (6-4)  Romo has been playing mistake free football for 3 weeks, all wins.  Tony Romo is 18-2 in November in six years as the Cowboys’ starter.

11. Raiders (6-4) The absence of Darren McFadden hasn’t derailed the Raider train.  Michael Bush has been a monster in his place.  96 carries, 461 yards.  You dint need to waste a 1st rd pick to hand it off to that guy.

12. Falcons (6-4) Luckily the Falcons bounced back with a W after that OT disaster vs the Saints.

13. Giants (6-4) And the 2nd half swoon is in high gear.  What a pitiful performance against the Eagles Sunday night,

14. Bengals (6-4)  Two losses in a row, granted to both the Steelers and the Ravens, have hurt their playoff chances.

15. Jets (5-5) I just can’t figure this team out.  I’ll just go get a goddamn snack.

16. Titans (5-5) To think this team is 5-5 with Chris Johnson running like his ankles have fallen off, is amazing.

17. Eagles (4-6) The only reason they are this high is because they’ve beaten both the Cowboys and Giants recently.

18. Broncos (5-5) I don’t care if the Broncos wind up 11-5, I’m not putting them any higher than 15 this year with Tebow at the helm.

19. Bucs (4-6) They hung tough in Lambeau, but enough with the moral victories.  4 losses in a row have ended their season.

20. Bills (5-5) The Bills have been outscored 106-26 the past three games. Fred Jackson is now out to pasture.  Do you think the front office is glad they gave Fitzpatrick $59 million over six years, including $24 million in guaranteed? 4td & 8int since the ink was dry.

21. Chargers (4-6) When are they just going to cut the cord with Norv?  Rivers is having a career worst year.  Just blow it up already.

22. Seahawks (4-6)  Marshawn Lynch is back and running the ball well, and the offensive line has played real well.

23. Chiefs (4-6) Won the Kyle Orton sweepstakes.  Can he save their season?  No.

24. Browns (4-6) Typical Browns, Chris Ogbonnaya has 90 and 119 yds in his past 2 games, and he’s going to the bench. #NotTheProblem

25. Dolphins (3-7) Red hot Fish are lookin’ to make a statement in big D.  Sporano and the other 38 ex-Cowboys have had this game circled.

26. Redskins (3-7) Gave it the ol’ college try vs the Boys last week, falling in OT.  6 losses in a row is no shock.

27. Cards (3-7) You’d think they could build on the win in Philadelphia.  Nope.

28. Jaguars (2-8) Have only scored 20 points in a game once this year.

29. Vikings (2-8) It’s Toby Time!

30. Panthers (2-8) At least Cam is a good fantasy player….

31. Rams (2-8) Sam Bradford has been a huge disappointment this year.  I know the team is riddled with injuries, but still.

32. Colts (0-10) VOMIT.