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The Pre Season Battle of Los Angeles starts Tonight! <br /><br />
Los Angeles Clippers V. Los Angeles Lakers will be on NBA TV at 10:30pm/7:30pm; If you’re in the greater Southern California area, the game will be on both Prime Ticket and Fox Sports West.<br /><br />
Tune in and see how many times DeAndre Jordan &amp; Blake Griffin dunk. Marvel at Mike Brown’s new look Lakers. <br /><br />
The two teams will face off again on Wednesday night. 

With the CP3 saga finally over, I have to admit that I am mildly interested in the NBA this year.  Not to the point where I’m going to make sure to tune in for all the Christmas Day games or anything.  But I will check the box scores and standings every once in a while.  This is a big step for a person who hasn’t really cared about the NBA since Shaq and Lil’ Penny got worked by “The Dream” back in 1995 finals.

There are a few reasons why I’m actually interested…..

Fantasy Basketball is the easiest way to care about the NBA.  Plain and simple.  Every morning (or night if you are slightly obsessed), you check the box scores of games in which random players that you only care about for one reason, are in.  Seriously, WTF would I be doing looking at the “Jazz 98 Kings 89” Box score for?  BECAUSE I HAVE TO KNOW HOW MANY BOARDS AL JEFFERSON HAD!!!!  I also have to find out why he only played 23 minutes.  “Oh my god, what happened to him?  Oh shit, did he blow out his knee again?”…will always be running through my mind.

Player Movement is by far by favorite part of the NBA season.  Weather it’s when free agency starts or when the trade deadline approaches.  I just love to see teams bury themselves in salary cap hell for the next 5 years because they just had to sign the likes of Gilbert Arenas to a 7 year, $120 mil deal.

*Side Note – I absolutely HATE this new crap where superstar players (Melo, CP3, Dwight Howard) have the ability to dictate where they want to be traded.  In CP3’s case, I don’t think he necessarily brokered his trade, but with him and Melo, I think their former teams  got the better end of the deal.

The Rookies this year are very interesting.  I can’t wait to see how Kyrie Irving does.  I’m interested in seeing how Jimmer Fredette meshes with that crew out in Sacramento.  I hope Kemba Walker can keep the magic he had in the NCAA tournament last year for the Bobcats.  And finally due to him playing at Hofstra (my Semi-alma mater), I hope that Charles Jenkins can get some playing time in the Golden State rotation.

The Clippers  actually have my interest.  I’m basically Anti-Lakers and Anti-Knicks.  The fact that the “other team” in LA has Blake Griffin and Chris Paul makes me happy.  To see Kobe and crew being “1-upped” by little brother after the original CP3 deal got iced, is great.  A nice little Eff You to them.

Other than the Magic winning the NBA title (the only team I can call myself a fan of), I’d love to see the Heat destroy the NBA.  I actually love the fact that LeBron is the villain.  I LOVE the new 3rd jersey that they are going to wear.  If those duds don’t scream “Don’t F*@k Wit’ Us”, I don’t know what does.  Oh yea, by the way…the Heat also signed Shane Battier.  They might hold a few opponents under 60 pts this season.

I HATE the Knicks so much, I hope the don’t make the playoffs.  I love rooting against this dreadful organization.  There are no fans more delusional in all of sports, than Knicks fans.  They all had LeBron penciled in the starting lineup 3 years ago.  How’d that work out?  They all absolutely NEEDED Melo.  How was that 1st round sweep, dealing away every piece of young talent you had, and sopping up every bit of salary cap space you had?  “But we got Tyson Chandler!”  Sweet.  4 yrs and $60 mil later for a guy who’s played 1 full season in the last 6.  “We’re gettin’ Cee Pee Chree next yeeeah!”  Oh yea?  With what cap room?

The NBA is back this year and 66 games is the right number.  If it were 66 games in a non condensed schedule, it would probably be even better.  82 games is an unnecessary grind, and this way the players would be fresh.  I think the same could be said about hockey, and that’s a 10x more physically demanding sport.  But that argument is for another time.

So I will be keeping at least one eye on the NBA this year, which is one more than I usually do.

Why are you watching the NBA this season?

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