BAL +7  @ NE

@ttlsportsblog – “On the road again…..”  The Ravens have had this as their theme song for what seems to be about 10 years.  

After 7 consecutive road playoff games, the Ravens finally got a home game last week and beat the depleted Houston Texans.   With Joe Flacco playing another less than stellar game, saftey Ed Reed was the latest to call him out publicly.  It’s bad enough when your own teammates are calling you out, but how about one of your neighbors?  One of Flacco’s neighbors actually called up Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome and left him this voice mail:  ‘Hey, man, you gotta let Joe Flacco know we’re trying to win a Super Bowl around here. He’s at home riding a skateboard. Somebody’s got to let him know what the deal is.’  Jeeeezuz.  If he’s getting that kind of criticism in Baltimore, I can’t imagine what it would be like in NY.  With all of this garbage around Flacco, what the Ravens need to do is pound the hell out of the ball with Ray Rice and keep Brady off the field as much as possible.  That being said, I think the Ravens will be able to limit the Pats scoring chances and keep this game close.  But in the end, Gronk and Brady will be enjoying multiple TD’s and a 28-24 victory.

@HookTSB – Tom Brady won’t be throwing 6 TDs this week, but 4 seems about right.  The Patriots are rolling and seem to be on their way to yet another Super Bowl.  While Baltimore proved me wrong last week, they’re simply going up against too much firepower this time around.  Ravens star Ed Reed may have less confidence in Flacco than I do.  Even though the New England secondary has more holes than a rebellious teenager’s ears, I expect a high scoring affair with the Patriots coming out on top 38-24.

@CJScutts – Looks to be a repeat of that New Orleans vs San Francisco match we were treated to last weekend. All the pieces are in place but I somehow doubt it. We saw defense win in that one but I am positive that offense will even it up on Sunday. Brady was back to his best vs Denver with 6 touchdowns and a QB rating of 137. As bad as my predictions have been so far, I can safely say that Flacco will not do that, even against the worst defense in the league. New England wins 28-21.

NYG +3 @ SF

@ttlsportsblog – I’d love to say that I am putting the reverse jinx on the Giants, but I’m not.  There’s nothing that can stop this train.  There’s nothing that can stop my most hated team.  There’s nothing that can stop “Elite” Manning.  There’s nothing that can stop the 7th rated passer in the “Year of the QB”.   There’s nothing that can stop opposing DB’s from tipping the ball to Victor Cruz and him taking it 75 yds for a TD.  There’s nothing that can stop Hakeem Nicks catching a mail mary.  There’s nothing that can stop Alex Smith from getting strip sacked and JPP taking it to the house.  Not even a monsoon can stop the Giants.  I’m #ALLIN.   There it is.  Giants 27 49ers 10.

@HookTSB – The 49ers made me look like a fool last week, handling Drew Brees and the Saints rather easily.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, not gonna happen.  The Giants are the hottest team in the NFL right now after drubbing the Packers at Lambeau on Sunday and are primed to set up a rematch of the 2008 Super Bowl.  Adding to some drama of the playoffs, Eli left practice today with a stomach virus.  Shouldn’t matter.  His receivers are making huge plays and no bug is going to keep him out of action this weekend.  This game is going to be a close one, with the Giants winning on a big play from Cruz in the 4th quarter.  Giants win 24-21.

@CJScutts – I’ll try to put aside my hate for San Francisco after they put out my Saints, and instead respect what a good job they did. That defense really is something, but the Giants D isn’t exactly shabby is it? The difference, the 49ers have the offensive line to at least quieten the Giants main strength, their pass rush. That should give enough time for Alex “the surgeon” Smith to dismantle the Giants secondary and take the Niners to their first superbowl since 1995. San Francisco win it 21-17.