You may have already seen these videos, but if you haven’t you’re in for a treat.  Let’s start off with the brilliant blonde at the New York Giants Super Bowl Victory Parade:

“SANCHEZZZZZ!”  Really?  You’re at the New York Giants parade and the player you want to see most is Mark Sanchez, the Jets quarterback?  Blondes have been the butt of jokes for centuries and this woman just set them back a few more years.

At TSB we don’t discriminate on hair color.  No sir.  Check out this brunette looking for a date with Jerry Linn:

Really?  Jerry Linn, football player for the Giants?  Please tell me this girl isn’t that brain-dead.  I have a suspicion that she made this video in an attempt to get famous.  If you don’t know who Jeremy Lin is by now you must live under a rock.

Whether or not the brunette is that clueless, she’s still an embarrassment to women everywhere.  Guys appreciate it when their lady friends are into sports.  It’s a huge turn on and can gain you up to 2 full points on the 1-10 scale depending on your knowledge and passion for the game.  But please, please if you have no clue about a player or a team, don’t pretend.  If you’re wearing a Jets jersey, we assume you know at least who the quarterback is.  If you show up to a Yankees game with a jersey with the name on the back, we know you’re a dipshit.  These type of “fans” aren’t difficult to point out.  So please, for the 2 women that may stumble across this article, don’t be like these girls.  If you don’t know any of the players just say you’re at the parade having fun with your friends, and if you’re desperate for a date at least google the person for Christs sake.  Don’t be a fake fan.  Real sports guys HATE fake fans.

If you come across more videos of fake fans, men and women alike embarrassing themselves, link me on twitter @HookTSB or post them here in the comments section.