by Jorel Petree (@JorelPetree)

The Lakers are making moves.  They just brought in the talent of veteran point guard Steve Nash.  The guy has been one of the most consistent point guards in the game.  I was court side when the Lakers played vs Nash in the playoffs a few years ago.  I watched him destroy the Lakers.  He was hitting running three pointers, dropping dimes and played great defense on Fisher at the time.  The Lakers are smart and are putting talent around Kobe for the few good years he has in him. 
They are on the verge of getting Dwight Howard, the most dominant big man in all off the NBA, and over the history of the league.  Right now they are going after Howard full force.  On Tuesday we seen Howard at the LA dodgers game.  They had put him on the jumbotron and the stadium erupted.  It was during the 7th inning, and he was not wearing a LA hat.  When Howard left the building, we seen him in a LA hat.  He was also asked about joining the Lakers.  He replied “I am here now to rehab.”
This deal will have to be done by three teams.  As of right now it looks like Cleveland, Orlando and Lakers are in talks.  This deal makes sense as the Cavs have flexibility over the next three years.  With three first round picks and two second round picks.  The Lakers will have to give up a first pick, Bynum and some money.  Cleveland would also have to ship a few first round picks to Orlando.  Orlando would be rebuilding and get three first rounders.  Finally Cleveland would land Bynum.
Kobe Bryant is proven that his basketball IQ is greater than anyone on the court.  He is one of the best scorers of all time.  He is a great team leader and the only thing on his mind  is winning.  This last year in the playoffs, it seemed like Kobe was the only Laker to show up.  As he dominated the competition.
This deal beats what Miami did in getting the big three two years ago.  The Lakers would now be able to start Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard.  This would be the best assembled lineup I have ever seen.  They will be well balanced in filling every stat category.  Everyone but Artest can score at will on this team.  I have personally seen all four guys put up more than 40 points.  They have two monsters at getting rebounds.  All five are defensive All Stars.
If anyone seen the Orlando Magic two years ago in the playoffs, you will agree Dwight Howard is the most dominant Center in the game.  Orlando was terrible that year but come playoffs competition could not stop Howard.  I am anxious to see Howard with great talent around him.  I personally rank Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard at the top of their positions in the NBA.
PG.  Steve Nash
SG.  Kobe Bryant
SF. Meta World Peace
PF. Pau Gasol
C. Dwight Howard
That almost looks like an All Star team.  With OKC not having a dominate big man, this makes the Lakers the team to beat in the west.  I feel very confident in making a bold prediction.  If the Lake Show lands Howard, you might see them go to the championship multiple times until Kobe retires.  This move will make them the most dominant team in the west!

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