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Huge Week 9 as many favorites fell, leaving newcomers to rise and thrive in college football glory. Going 12-7 Week 9, I was a little bold on my underdog picks. I underestimated the shear strength of Notre Dame and overestimated the power of Florida, hands down. Kansas State, Oregon, and Notre Dame are the only teams that deserve to be in discussion for playing against Alabama (as of right now) for the National Championship. Week 10 leaves a more conservative approach as I don’t see many upsets happening, but some shakeups in the future BCS rankings. Dynastys still alive and well.

Teams noted in BOLD are my picks for the week

Missouri @ No. 7 Florida
Florida suffered a hard fought loss to the Georgia Bulldogs last week, knocking them from the #2 spot down to #7. This was just their first loss of the season and it looks to be the only as the single threat remaining on their schedule is rival Florida State to end their regular season. They’re going to come out and show they’re still worthy of being a top tier contender in the BCS. Look for them to run up the score on a 4-4 Missouri squad while at home in the Swamp.

“Welcome to the Swamp.”

Temple @ No. 10 Louisville
Teddy Bridgewater looks to continue the undefeated season against a 3-4 Temple. Though their program has turned around in the past couple of seasons, Temple ranks in the very bottom of the entire NCAA 1-A in passing yards and ranked poorly in points against—Bridgewater will have a field day. Cardinals continue to roll with ease.

No. 12 Oklahoma @ Iowa State
Alright, so the Sooners didn’t come through against Notre Dame like I thought they would. As a matter of fact, they got routed and proved the Fighting Irish are even more of a contender. The Sooners and Landry Jones look to bounce back with their high-powered offense and gritty defense to stick it to the Cyclones in their house.

No. 16 Texas A & M @ No. 15 Mississippi State
I’m still not convinced with Mississippi State. Their awful performance against Alabama last week proved they can’t hang with the big dogs. A & M has an aggressive, high scoring offense that will help them run through MSU in déjà vu fashion. Aggies.

No. 14 Stanford @ Colorado
Colorado looked like they sent in their faculty to play against Oregon last week–taking a shellacking of 70-0 at the half. Look for Stanford to roll against Colorado in similar fashion, but not as graphic, so the whole family can watch their beating this time.

“Andrew who??”

TCU @ No. 21 West Virginia
Coming off a womping from Kansas State, West Virginia looks to put another “W” in the win column against TCU. TCU is a tough squad and shouldn’t be underestimated. They’ve had close battles with nationally ranked Texas Tech (lost in 3OT) and Oklahoma State, whereas West Virginia got routed by Texas Tech 49-14 and Kansas State 55-14. Their fifth ranked passing offense should help them get by the Horned Frogs in this week’s matchup to turn things around.

Pittsburgh @ No. 3 Notre Dame
The Fighting Irish continue to roll against a 4-4 Pittsburgh. They’ve proven their contention and have earned my respect more and more each week as they continue to win, even with a team that is hurting in some areas. Everett Golson will continue to thrive in the spotlight and the Irish defense will contribute in making a public humiliation of the Panthers while at home this week.

“The debate stops here.”

Ole Miss @ No. 6 Georgia
The Bulldogs surprised me last week against Florida—though playing in Jacksonville was almost as much of a home game for Georgia as it was for the Gators. Ole Miss has experienced big losses against ranked teams this season, the trend will continue this week at Georgia. Their balanced offense will continue to help them grind out big wins. ‘Dawgs continue to climb the ranks, but have little chance at Top 3 contention unless some serious upsets take place this week.

No. 23 Texas @ No. 18 Texas Tech
Texas Tech struggled to get in sync against the Kansas State Wildcats last week, but that goes with the territory of playing the No. 2 team in their house. Tech still has a top 3 passing arsenal that can put up points in a hurry—this being a major factor as the Longhorns are ranked 100th overall in points against. Texas has to eat up the clock and slow the tempo down on the ground if they want to have a chance.

“Hook this.”

No. 20 Nebraska @ Michigan State
Michigan State coming off a big win against Wisconsin looks to show Nebraska who should be relevant at the top of the BIG 10. They’ve had their struggles, and pass too much in my opinion (being that they have a stud, NFL-ready RB in Bell), but they’re going to grind out another win at home in East Lansing. Stick to the run game and play aggressive with their top-ranked defense and they’ll be celebrating in former MSU riot fashion.

East Lansing’s version of celebrating

UTSA @ No. 25 Louisiana Tech
No comment. Why do teams like Louisiana Tech find their way into the Top 25? Better yet, how?! Shouldn’t be a problem holding off good ol’ UTSA.

No. 4 Oregon @ No. 17 USC
Duck Dynasty. They want the National Championship game more than anyone else. They’re going to cause problems for Matt Barkley and the Trojans all day. It’ll be a shootout. Sure, USC has the advantage of being at home, but Chip Kelly and the Ducks know how to win on the road. The fall of USC continues.

Silky Smooth

No. 13 Clemson @ Duke
Again, Duke, why do you continue to play Top 25 teams?! My old high school team could teach the Blue Devils a thing or two on the field. Clemson continues to steamroll.

No. 1 Alabama @ No. 5 LSU
Hands down game of the week. Nick Saban, Les Miles, and everyone who cares about college football had this game circled on their calendars since training camp. The Tigers will have a rowdy crowd behind them as they play at home, but look for there to be plenty of crimson in the stands. ‘Bama continues to prove they’re numero uno for a reason. Who they’ll play in the National Championship remains to be seen.

“Next victim.”

No. 24 Oklahoma State @ No. 2 Kansas State
The Wildcats make the jump to the No. 2 spot in the latest BCS poll and it’s for good reason. They have plastered through the competition all season, thanks to QB Colin Klein—who should be at the top of everyone’s Heisman watch. This kid can throw and make big plays with his legs—he’ll be playing on Sundays. Sole reason why they’ll continue to win. Bill Snyder is pretty awesome too. Ride on back home, Cowboys.

“Calm down, Coach. I got this.”

Arizona State @ No. 11 Oregon State
Arizona State has a great defense, but in just their past two outings, they’ve given up 88 points. With Oregon State’s 15th ranked passing attack, look for them to bounce back from their loss at Washington. Both teams have great defenses, but the Beavers have the advantage with their high-powered game through the air.

San Diego State @ No. 19 Boise State
Boise State, PLAY SOME REAL TEAMS!!! You do not deserve Top 20 respect when playing scrub teams. Expect another massacre at their hands. At least we get to see a blue field this time.

Enjoy breaking down this film. Camouflage status.

No. 22 Arizona @ UCLA
Coming off a huge win against USC, look for the momentum to continue as they look to beat up on the Bruins in Rose Bowl Stadium. Their 4th ranked passing attack looks to take on a mediocre defense. UCLA needs to stick to their balanced offense and play some aggressive defense to force Wildcat QB, Matt Scott into making some poor decisions. Look for him to break the 3000 yard mark in this trigger-happy offense.