JP’s NFL Picks Against the Spread has a new layout and looks amazing.  I decided to start fresh and change-up my article and style of picking a little bit. I was currently 17-7-1 on my locks and exactly .500 on the year so far.  Its crunch time in the NFL and now is when you start to see the serious football unfold.

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  • The Star* rating is how much I like that team against the spread.  The highest star* is my favorite pick.
  • The bold team indicates the team I like against the spread. (ATS)
  • The CAPITAL team is the home team.

Six Questions?

I will be using teams averages this year and also looking into what they did versus top ranked opponents in each category.

CTR – Can they run the ball?

CTP –  Can they pass the ball?

CTSR – Can they stop the run?

CTSP – Can they stop the pass?

TOR – Will they win the turnover ratio?

ATD – Are they dicipline?


Gamblers Key

O/U – Over/Under

ATS – Against the Spread

DOG – Underdog

FAV – Favorite

CON – Conference

DIV – Division

SU – Strait Up
**LOCK** 16 ****************
Denver Broncos -9.5 over OAKLAND RAIDERS by 20


Supermanning On a Super Bowl MISSION!

CTR – Yes | Oakland averages 4.7 yards per carry against and 130 yards per game.

CTP –  Yes |  Its Peyton Manning, stats don’t matter.

CTSR – Yes | Denver allows only 3.6 yards per carry and 96 yards per game.

CTSP – Yes | Teams only average 211 passing yards a game and 5.8 yards per pass against Denver.

TOR – Yes | Turnover ratio is very close but Denver is well coached and against an easier schedule now.  Denver -.02 Oakland +.02

ATD – Yes | Denver averages .05 penalties per play and an average of 6.2 penalties per game.

I am letting you know in advance about the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning; With their second half schedule they will be on my **LOCK** list for the rest of the year. (Nov 5th)  Think I am bias? Just know that you heard it here FIRST at  Peyton Manning has now become the commander of Las Vegas team to win the Super Bowl.  Denver looks as if they are the team to beat.  Once they figure out their backfield and can produce 100+ yards of rushing, they will dominate teams.  Knowshon Moreno is a very talented back who has not had a fair chance in the league, due to injuries the past few years.  He has the talent to bust games open and not to mention Peyton calling the plays leaving him in great situations for success.  Look for Peyton to run the stretch play a lot early and often in this game.  Oakland is coming off of 3 straight losses all verses teams with very poor defense.  In the last three games Oakland has only scored an average of 16 points per game.  Denver has a much better defense than New Orleans, Cincinnati and Cleveland.  This game will be a blow as Oakland is going to have a hard time scoring and Peyton is going to light up the score board.  Denver is much faster with Hillman and Moreno in the back field.  Peyton is to smart and will be prepared for yet another primetime blow out.


 – Oakland is 0-5 ATS in their last 5 games

– Oakland is 1-6 ATS in their last 7 games at home