Chris Brown


Scumbag extraordinaire Chris Brown is back at it again.  Allegedly, Breezy and his entourage engaged in a scuffle with openly gay recording artist Frank Ocean outside of a music studio over a parking spot, resulting in injuries to Ocean’s hand.  I say “allegedly” because the investigation is pending, but there’s no doubt that Chris Brown is Grade-A scum.

Brown is still on probation for turning this:



into this:

Rihanna Beat Up


Oh, and let’s not forget that as a result of yet another alleged Breezy confrontation, a friend of this:

Wheelchair Jimmy Drake

condition slightly embellished due to acting role


Went from this:

Tony Parker


to this:

Tony Parker Olympics


So, just to recap- Chris Brown admittedly beat the shit out of a woman, was allegedly involved in a brawl that almost cost an NBA superstar his eye, and allegedly fought a gay singer who he’s been known to have “twitter beef” with:

Frank Ocean


Look out elderly people and kittens, Breezy is coming for you next.



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