If the Super Bowl was decided by how hot the starting QB’s WAG is, this year would be a tough one to call.  Joe Flacco’s wife Dana Grady is the beautiful woman you bring home to mom, while Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend J. Marie is the girl you search for at 2AM on a Saturday with the Google Image filters off.  I’ll let you be the judge.  Check out some photos of this week’s Total Sports WAG, Colin Kaepernick’s dimepiece J.Marie:

(click to enlarge)

Colin Kaepernick GF


J.Marie Colin Kaepernick


J.Marie Self Pic

Uhhhh.  Umm.  Go Niners?

This has been a special edition of  Total Sports WAGs.  Hat tip to and twitter for the photos. Got a WAG in mind who you’d like to see more of?  Tweet me.


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