Miami Heat Do The Harlem Shake

February 28, 2013 by

Miami Heat Harlem Shake

You knew it was bound to happen.  King James and the Miami Heat put out their own Harlem Shake video today.  I know these are starting (if not already) to get old, but yet they are still being made.  On a scale of how good-looking Sam Cassell is to how much Chris Bosh actually looks like a dinosaur, I’ll give this one an Anthony Mason hair cut.

Most of the guys are in their “persona”.  King James is, well, a king.  Chris Bosh is in that damn cowboy motif for some reason. “Birdman”  Chris Andersen is of course, in a bird costume.  But I think the best costume is Mario Chalmers as Super Mario.  I can’t really make out who the bear is, but I’m assuming it’s Dwayne Wade, but I could be wrong.

You judge for yourself after the jump

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