For those who keenly follow the latest news and developments in the National Football League , especially if player movements and offseason acquisitions would likely affect a team’s NFL Super Bowl chances, the world of NFL fantasy football is one of the most exciting and entertaining virtual sports in the world. Avid fans are already looking ahead at the fantasy football 2013 lineup and while each has their own opinion of which players would comprise the best possible team, there are some athletes that stand out from the rest and would certainly add a big boost to any NFL team’s roster. Thankfully, sites such as those of the CBS Sports Fantasy Football page offers keen insights as to the most valuable players and what each of them brings to the table in forming the perfect NFL fantasy team. You can also find great NFL betting tips at for those NFL fans among us who like to spice things up with a friendly wager or two while learning more about the odds and futures of their favorite NFL teams this upcoming 2013 season.

So, let us now have a quick look at what may be some of the most effective team lineups this upcoming football season. 

One fantasy team that would certainly be a favorite amongst many fans is that which would include the strength and prowess of an effective quarterback. A good example could be Aaron Rodgers who is the current number one fantasy football draft pick. Rodgers accounted for 69 percent of Green Bay’s offense during the previous season and with a healthy nine seasons underneath his belt, this seasoned player would increase the NFL football odds of any fantasy team winning it all that he plays with. Rounding out the team could easily see Arian Foster of the Houston Texans as running back and twenty-seven year-old Calvin Johnson as a formidable wide receiver. This athletic trio could most definitely represent the backbone of a powerful fantasy football team and increase the chances of bucking the prevailing NFL betting trends and winning it all for your franchise.

Another highly competitive team could see the prowess of thirty-four year-old Saints quarterback Drew Brees lead an array of powerful running backs such as the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson. The long arm on Brees combined with Peterson’s seven seasons as one of the most feared running backs in the NFL could provide a powerful offense that would thwart a great number of opponents on the gridiron. Officially ranked number first among all running backs on NFL fantasysuch a synergy combined with a strong defense would be powerful to beat. 

A third team that would pose a grave threat to the entire league and could modify any NFL wagering strategy would have to include Cam Newton of the Carolina PanthersRanked number four on most fantasy league charts, youth is on Newton’s side; this is only his third season playing professionally and most feel that his best seasons are yet to be seen as he continues to mature and gain experience. His throwing accuracy when added to the running speed of the Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant could make all the difference when scoring those much-needed touchdowns during the final minutes of the game.

A fourth and powerful fantasy team could consist of the Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning as quarterbackthe young Marshawn Lynch as running back and the Saints’ Jimmy Graham as a speedy and accurate tight end. Manning’s sheer experience combined with the vigour of a youthful and agile offense could certainly turn the tide of many fantasy football competitions and turn the tide and NFL odds back in your team’s favor

These are but a handful of players that represent true game changers this upcoming year. Although each brings his own particular skill sets to the field, there are well over two hundred top-rated athletes that may very well make a lasting impression on the sport. However, one of the difficulties those enterprising sports fans who occasionally enjoy the quirks of NFL betting online even on fantasy football may encounter is the sheer difficulty in keeping track of such a multitude of players and statistics. Although some may try accomplishing this daunting task from memory alone, many who wager on NFL teams will use fantasy football draft boards which can prove quite helpful for fantasy football fanatics. This can help easily identify players, their stats, current positions and the rankings of competitive teams.

With the advent of the internet, fantasy football is enjoyed more and more by a growing number of educated sports fans each and every year. The games are exciting, as putting together a formidable team takes skill and talent and above all, such activities can be quite addicting. While only a few short years ago fantasy football was hardly known outside of specific circles, the number of followers continues to grow. As this popularity increases to include a wider audience, it is a solid observation that America and its legion of American football fans will continue to feature prominently in many such virtual sports. You can bet the NFL fantasy football phenomenon will only continue to gain popularity and mass appeal in the years to come.