The good people at sent over a few sweatbands for me to try out, and I’m here to share my thoughts on how they held up after a few workouts.  They offer many different types of wristbands, headbands, arm sleeves, mouthguards, shoelaces, and customizeable items in various colors and combos.


Style: B

Comfort: B-

Durability: A

Price/Value: A

Overall: B+

Suddora knocks it out of the park with their value.  Their products are a fraction of the price of competing companies, and they offer bulk discounts on large orders to further reduce their prices.  The sweatbands are well constructed, but I found them to be a bit tight (hence the knock in comfort, but then again my arms tend to be more muscular than the average person, so they may fit you better than they did me).  I’ve never seen sweatbands with zippers to store whatever you may want to store in a sweatband before, and found this idea novel and practical.  It’s the perfect place to put a key while you work out or go for a run.

If you’re looking for a plain sweatband and don’t want to pay the overhead most sporting goods companies charge, give Suddora sweatbands a try.  They come in just about every shape, color, and size you could imagine, and at a more than reasonable price.

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Suddora sent me 4 wristbands to try out.  As you can see, they come packaged individually and their colors are vibrant.  The first wristband I tried out was the blue zipper sweatband wristband.


I thought there was going to be a little pocket inside the wristband, but the zipper is just an opening that lets you store little items throughout the entire band.  This way, I guess you can store more objects in the wristband than if their was a pocket. Going on a sports-themed bar crawl?  This slot is ideal for your ID, credit card, and a little emergency cash.

The only drawback I could think of is that items may move around within the wristband while you run, but the wristband was so tight I don’t think that’d happen under any circumstance.

The wristband is constructed very well, and the zipper is high quality.  It did not pill after washing, and stayed true to its size.  I was very impressed how the wristband held up, and that the zipper did not budge even during rigorous activity.  I expect the wristband to loosen up a bit after extended use, but after 3 workouts it is still pretty tight on me.  Like I said earlier, my arms have a little more meat on them than most, so this should not be an issue for you if you have a runners body or are on the skinny side.

The other wristbands were just as tight as the zipper sweatband wristband, and just as high quality.  They are a bit thinner than most sweatbands I’ve used in the past, but still seemed to be quite absorbent and functioned just how a sweatband should.

Suddora’s logo is on the package, not plastered all over the product itself.  I’m a huge fan of that.  Even though their arm sleeves do bare the Suddora name on them, it’s subtle.  For the most part, Suddora lets their products speak for themselves.


I’d be more inclined to buy a wristband from Suddora than say Nike or Adidas because I like their simple style.  I don’t want to be a walking advertisement for a brand that would make me pay well over value just because they have to compensate LeBron James for using a headband with their logo on it that’s the width of a tube sock.

Suddora has just about any color you could ever want, and they don’t spray their name all over the product.  I can get down with that.

As their site explains, Suddora is all about taking action, being healthy and striving toward goals. The man running in their logo means that both customers and Suddora’s employees are constantly moving forward in life, looking for the next great adventure or obstacle to overcome.  They offer high quality products at a great price.  Go ahead and check them out at