0-162 bro!

0-162 bro!

Let me start by saying ahahahahahaahahahahahahaha! Ok, now that that is out of my system…the Mets lost for a rare time on Opening Day today by a score of 9-7.  As per usual the only thing more embarrassing than the Mets play today was the reaction of some of the fans.  I think the problem here is that we have become accustom to the team winning every Opening Day and starting off the season on a high note so when they lose the first game of the season we immediately expect the team to challenge the 1962 Mets record for futility.  Now, everyone take a deep breath and repeat after me “Opening Day, means nothing.”

Seasons the Mets lost Opening Day and finished with a winning record : 1969, 1984, 1990, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2005 (actually lost the first 5 games that season)

Seasons the Mets won Opening Day and finished with a losing record: Too many to list.

See where I’m going with this?

It's one game!

It’s one game!

What today did do was prove the point I made in my preseason prediction which was that the Mets would have a slightly improved offense, a solid rotation, and a potentially horrifying bullpen.  And yes the bullpen is horrifying but not as horrifying as watching Terry Collins making 8 pitching changes in a single inning despite none of them working out.  The bullpen can be fixed and relatively quickly, Bobby Parnell looked fine he just screwed around too much with light hitting Danny Espinosa who shouldn’t even be in the majors at this point.  Also not helping the situation was the fact that today’s home plate umpire decided that his strike zone would be a work in progress all afternoon.

Other Freak Outs/Conclusions

1- Daniel Murphy cares more about the birth of first child than he does about playing the most important game of the Mets season!

2- Eric Young Jr. is not a 2nd baseman.

3- Juan Lagares needs to play everyday.

4- Curtis Granderson is Jason Bay 2.0 (Not really, Bay had a good 1st game as a Met)

5- Chris Young didn’t play Opening Day, what a waste of $7 million.

6- The Mets have a 3 way platoon at 1st base, none of those players are going to get into any kind of groove with that infrequent amount of playing time.

7- Travis d’Arnaud had a passed ball so I guess all that praise about his defense was a bunch of lies.

8- David Wright hit a 2 run home run with the team down 4 runs.  It’s amazing how this guy has made a career of only hitting home runs that don’t matter.

9- Jose Valverde is the greatest reliever in the modern era.

10- Even if the bullpen pitches well the rest of the season, Sandy Alderson’s bullpen building ability will be judge on only this one game. It was that bad.

Stay insane Mets fans!!

I keep sucking but they keep extending me hahaha!

I keep sucking but they keep extending me hahaha!


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