A few months ago, I wrote an article discussing the easiest way to earn VC in NBA2k14 in which I advised everyone to download the MyNBA2k14 app.  Through this app you can earn anywhere from 1200-2000 VC every single day through the daily VC bonus and by playing 10 quick games in MyTEAM Mobile.  While in my original article I said there weren’t any hacks or glitches, I was wrong.  I’ve stumbled upon a glitch where you can earn as much VC as you want (if you have the time on your hands).

As previously stated, you can earn 500 VC per day by playing MyTEAM Mobile quick games.  There is a 24 hour VC Earned Today timer that resets every day once you’ve earned your 500 VC.  The hack I’ve figured out is really quite simple.  All you have to do is wait until there’s less than a minute left on the 24 hour timer.  Start a quick game, and make sure that the match takes you longer than however much time was left.  At the end of the quick game, you’ll get 50 VC, but the daily counter will say you’ve earned 0/500 VC.   Keep playing quick games and rake 50 VC each time.  As long as you stay in the quick game section of the app, your VC Earned Today counter will remain at 0/500, even though you’re gaining 50 VC each match.

Timing is everything with this hack.  If you start a quick game too late, your VC Earned Today counter will register each 50 VC bonus until you hit the 500 daily max.  If you start too early, you won’t get any VC for the quick game.  As long a you know when your timer is about to hit 0, you should be able to do this and rake as much VC as you want.

Another tip that I’ve found useful is speeding up the quick games.  You can get through a quick game in much less time if you continually tap the screen after you’ve selected your card.  The app will skip the majority of the animations and you’ll be able to move on to the next quick game in much less time.

With NBA2k15 coming out in October, these tips will likely only benefit gamers for a limited amount of time.  For those of you still playing the 2014 version, I hope you appreciate these tips.