"You mean I have to move again?"

“You mean I have to move again?”

Lost in the craziness of the trade deadline today, Point guard Ramon Sessions was traded to the Washington Wizards for old man Andre Miller.

He will be playing for his 7th different team.

That might not seem too crazy, until you realize this is only Sessions’ 9th season in the NBA.

I had to create a map in order to visualize his travels. You can view it after the jump.

Created at travellerspoint.com

Created at travellerspoint.com

This poor guy just can’t find a home.

Born and raised in Myrtle Beach, he went across the country to play college ball at the University of Nevada. Sessions was in Reno for three years, but since then he hasn’t stayed any one place for longer than two years.

Here’s a recap of where he’s been:

2007-2009 Tulsa, Oklahoma and Milwaukee: Sessions was drafted by the Bucks in the 2nd round of the 2007 draft. He spent the first half of the 2007 season playing in the D-League for the Tulsa 66ers. The Bucks elected not to match an offer to bring him back.

2008-2009 Minneapolis: He joined the Timberwolves before the 2008 season, where he played one season.

2010-2012 Cleveland: The T-Wolves traded Sessions to Cleveland in July 2010. He played 1 1/2 seasons for the Cavs, before being traded at the deadline in 2012.

2012 Los Angeles: Sessions finished out the 2011-2012 season with Lakers before packing his bags to head back to the East Coast.

2012-2014 Charlotte: He signed with the Bobcats before the the 2012-2013 season. Sessions played 116 games in Charlotte, his longest stretch in one place, before being traded at the deadline once again.

2014 Milwaukee again: Sessions finished out the 2013-2014 season back with the Bucks.

2014-2015 Sacramento: He signed with the Kings before this season, going back to the West Coast… only to be traded on deadline day for the third time in his short career.

2015 Washington D.C.: Sessions is on his way to the nation’s capital, where he’ll play back up to John Wall. Who knows for how long, though.

If I were you, Ramon, I wouldn’t get too comfortable.