Tre Mason, running back for the St Louis Rams had a solid rookie season.  His twitter game needs some help though.  After his side-piece tweeted about hanging out with him all day, he tried to silence her by declaring his love for his main chick, Natasha.  Side-piece Meagan was having none of that.  Peep the Twitter exchange after the jump:


Not wanting to seem like a liar, Meagan quickly replied with no chill whatsoever.


She stone-cold tweeted a pic of the dude in her bed. I can only assume Tre Mason will use the Shaggy Defense (wasn’t me).

UPDATE: It’s only fair to note that Meagan claims she was with Tre Mason for years, and they only recently broke up a few months ago.  If he’s with a new girl now that does still make her the side-piece, however, regardless of their previous relationship.  I think that’s in the Pimp Handbook somewhere.

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