IcyHot SmartRelief

For many, aches and pains are a part of everyday life.  Many seek relief with ice-packs and/or heat pads.  Why not get the treatment you need from the brand who brought you best of both worlds?  Enter IcyHot SmartRelief TENS Therapy.  Using the same technology doctors administer to their patients, IcyHot’s reusable, wire-free electrode pad and control unit give you the relief you need without the doctor’s bills.


Ease of Use: A

Utility: B

Quality: B+

Price/Value: A

Overall: B+

After shopping around online a bit, I found you could get your hands on the IcyHot SmartRelief Tens Therapy Starter Kit delivered to your door for about $25.  That’s not a bad price point at all when it comes to a health product that could potentially change your life.  The fact that this item saves you a trip to the doctor’s office and gives you the relief you’re looking for, and it’s reusable for multiple treatments, it’s an absolute bargain.

From out of the box to onto my body and treating my pain, it took all of 2 minutes before the IcyHot SmartRelief was doing its thing.  With 63 levels of intensity, the pulsating sensations can be set appropriately for any ailment.  It was nice knowing that the IcyHot SmartRelief would shut off automatically after 30 minutes, so I won’t fall asleep with it on.

I think the IcyHot SmartRelief is worth trying if you are dealing with any type of muscle pain.



Studies show that back pain affects 8 in 10 people at some point in their lives, making it a widespread problem for Americans who work and play hard. From athletes on the field to teachers on their feet all day, back pain can impede anyone. In search of clinically proven relief, more and more people are turning to IcyHot SmartRelief.  It was just announced that more pharmacists across the U.S. recommend IcyHot SmartRelief than any other brand of Transcutanous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy, according to a new survey published by Pharmacy Times and U.S. News & World Reportmaking IcyHot SmartRelief the #1 brand among TENS therapy options in the 2015-2016 Top Recommended Health Products report.

Through a small, wireless battery-powered device, the IcyHot SmartRelief system delivers relief via TENS technology. It immediately blocks the body’s pain signals by sending gentle electrical pulses along the nerve to intercept the signals before they reach the brain, providing relief that can last for hours even after the user turns it off.

While I don’t regularly experience back pain on a day-to-day basis, I do get sore after a hard workout.  I may not be the ideal patient for this sort of therapy, but I thought I’d give the product a try to see how it alleviates normal muscle pain.   The intended uses include:

  • For persistent sore or aching muscles
  • For relief of chronic pain associated with arthritis
  • Safe & Effective: Drug free. Blocks pain signals at the nerves
  • Energy Saving: Automatic shut-off after each 30-minute session
  • Reusable: Control Unit, electrode pads, and battery all are reusable
  • Discreet & Portable: Use while doing normal activities
  • Personalized Relief: Intensity is adjustable (63 Levels)

As I mentioned in the quick review, the IcyHot SmartRelief is incredibly easy to set up and apply for treatment.  You basically unbox it, attach the unit to the pad, peel the pad off and stick it on your body.  Power it on, and adjust the intensity level.  Then relax for 30 minutes as the IcyHot SmartRelief treats your pain.  It really is that easy.

The sensation from the TENS Therapy was something I had never felt before.  It was kind of a tingly-shock, but it didn’t hurt.  You get used to it after a few minutes and it really does help alleviate any pain you may be experiencing.  This isn’t quackery by any means.  It is a proven method of treatment, and I’m amazed IcyHot was able to package it in something available to the general public.

Coming this fall, IcyHot SmartRelief will introduce TENS products that provide pain relief to other areas in addition to the back, including the knee, shoulder and hip. Visit www.IcyHot.com or www.smartrelief.com for more information.