Madden NFL 16 was released today, and to promote the game last Friday they released Madden: The Movie on YouTube.  The 5 minute video features Dave Franco and McLovin Christopher Mintz-Plasse along with several NFL stars in an action flick mock-up.  There are special effects, explosions, Julio Jones karate chopping a guy for about 20 seconds straight, and many more awesome scenes featuring faces every NFL fan would recognize.  You can watch the full “movie” after the jump.

While the Madden Curse (I wrote Curse with a capital C because it’s fucking real) usually affects the cover athlete of the game at some point in the season, I noticed a scene in the move that foreshadowed a big-name NFL player’s demise.  Take a look for yourself:

Did you catch that at about the 3:20 mark while Dave Franco was playing Madden 16 vs Colin Kaepernick?  Here’s a screen-shot if you missed it:


That’s right.  Dave Franco scored a touchdown with none other than Jordy Nelson, who went down with a season-ending ACL tear in the Packers’ pre-season game on Sunday.  To recap if I’ve lost you here (I don’t know how I could have lost you in the 180 words I’ve written so far but here goes):

  • Friday, August 21- Madden: The Movie is released on YouTube
  • Halfway through the video, Green Bay Packers WR1 Jordy Nelson appears in the game being played.
  • Sunday, August 23- Jordy Nelson tears his ACL.

The Madden Curse is for real, man.  This is the first time Madden has released a movie in anticipation of it’s yearly game, and I fear that the Curse may have shifted from the cover athlete to players in the movie.  Shit, it may not have shifted at all, just expanded to put the hex on more players.  If I were Odell Beckham JR, I’d be extra careful this season.  Madden’s voodoo is in full effect.