In the country of France, sports are a way of life. This can be attributed to the lay of the land, the mild weather and it is part of their culture. There are many annual sporting events that are held in France including the French Open for tennis, the French Golf Open, the LeMans 24 hour Motorsport Endurance race, and the most famous of them all – The Tour de France. It seems like sports are deeply entrenched in their way of life. The top choice in leisure activities for most French people is sport, whether it is participating or spectating.

Tour de France

The Tour de France is the largest annual event held in France. It takes place every July and draws an average of 12 million spectators. 3.5 billion people watch the event on the television. There is a variety of ways to enjoy this mammoth cycling event.There are a handful of touring companies that engineer various types of Tour de France tours. They will offer a wide range of options from different places to view the event to actually cycling the route of professional cyclists. They will listen to your specific travel requirements and will help you create the experience of a lifetime.

Other sports popular in France

There are many sports that are popular to either play or spectate:

  • Ski slopes are extremely popular for snowboarding, skiing, ice-skating, tobogganing, and sledding.
  • Cycling- It’s obvious why this is so popular.
  • Rugby – There are several clubs, both local and regional across the country
  • Soccer (football) is the most popular sport in the country- there are thousands of teams. The French football league brings millions of spectators.
  • Adventure sports such as white water rafting is also a big hit.
  • Tennis- French Open is an annual event which also yields an impressive attendance.
  • Golf- French Golf Open.
  • Car racing- Le Mans 24 hour Motorsports Endurance Race.
  • Watersports- yachting, water-skiing, fishing, surfing, wind-surfing, canoeing, kayaking.
  • Mountain climbing and hiking (rambling) are also popular.
  • Orienteering- treasure hunts using maps and compasses.
  • Handball- France has won many titles including Olympic Gold medals.
  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Martial Arts
  • Boules (Petanque) – This is played in literally every town and village in the country. It is played socially by people of all ages.


Why are sports so popular?


The geography of the country plays a big role in the success of sports. France has fantastic mountains that facilitate winter sports. They have coastal waters to support any water sport you can imagine. Another reason is the climate in France. Most of the country experiences a continental climate which brings warm summers and cold winters. This allows for a wide range of sports throughout the year. Western France has an Oceanic Climate which doesn’t have much of a temperature variation. Southeastern France is exposed to a Mediterranean Climate and moderate temperatures. It is evident that sport is an integral part of the French culture.

Sports are a very important part of the lives of the people who call France their home. You can travel all over the country quite easily, this opens up the option for a variety of sporting events on a daily basis. Leisure time seems to be spent either watching or participating in sports. If you want to experience the French lifestyle, ensure that you immerse yourself in their sporting culture. Perhaps you’d like to book yourself and a loved one a Tour de France tour for July 2016. The French sporting culture is here to stay, so why not take the plunge and experience it firsthand!








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