We’ve seen it in movies. People walk into a casino and they are surrounded by the flashing lights, the array of tourists from around the world and their eagerness to win good fortune. They feel like today is their day, and the casino that they choose to go to will offer them the complete experience that they are after. For those that bet responsibly, it is all in good fun. You win some, you lose some, but in the end you are hoping that good luck was on your side rather than any bad energy that may kill your vibe.

The thing is that when you bet against the house, the notion is that ‘The house will always win’. And it isn’t solely down to the probability when playing a game as when it comes to making good money in the Casino business, these guys don’t leave things to chance. In a post from the Huffington Post, they state that the gambling at the casinos are about making profits for the casino owners. More information on the casino design is also offered here. The entire experience is designed to accommodate the experiential expectations of the punters while encouraging them to contribute to the casinos revenue and profit ambitions.

Why do casinos value their design so much?

The design and experience is designed for customers to stay and spend. By taking away any notion of time, the punter goes into a time bubble where they are focused solely on the gamble. The ideal scenario is that the casinos will create curiosity and the punter will become induced into a trance-like  state that will compel them to continue betting. Everything is carefully orchestrated. If you go into a casino, try to find windows and clocks. Walk around a little further and check out the dealers’ wrists. You will find that they are barred from wearing watches.

In a recent discussion thread on Quora, the conversation discusses how casinos employ different tactics to attract and retain customers to their venue. Advertising creative director Christian Cipriani observed the following when he went to casinos in Las Vegas.

The floor plans are difficult to navigate through – It seems like casino floor plans are deliberately laid out like a labyrinth to deter people from exiting the venue. The more time people spend inside the venue, the more inclined they will feel to play and spend their money.

The settings are designed to keep you in a time warp – We mentioned this earlier, but you won’t find any visible signs of clocks, watches or temperature fluctuations. These establishments are designed to keep you awake and alert while distracting you from your time senses.

Expect to receive free drinks – Unlike most other venues, casinos are generally happy to offer their patrons free alcoholic drinks to relax and get into the punting swing. The more relaxed patrons get, the more inclined they will feel to take risks. They may also feel like they have saved money from not buying any beverages, so in a way, they feel like they are winning.

The ambiance may feel somewhat hypnotic – Walk into a casino and you are presented with flashing lights and the sounds of pulsating music. Marketing guru Elmer Wheeler preached to sell the sizzle. The hypnotic buzz that patrons experience when they go into a casino isn’t an accident.

Feel good vibrations – The atmosphere that is created is one that will play to the feel good senses of the patrons. You will notice a friendly and enticing atmosphere among staff members that may be further complemented by the casino’s entertainment.

Providing rewards – Smart casinos know how to reward their patrons to play on the sense of a win-win scenario. The offer of a hotel suite will entice patrons to stay a little longer and play some more.

There is big money in the casino industry and these guys don’t want to leave anything to chance. In the end, the house always wins, and leveraging the psychology of the casino’s layout is one of the few ways for them to succeed.