The Houston Texans cut crybaby backup QB Ryan Mallett today, and it’s about time.  To say the QB situation in Houston has been a complete dumpster fire would be putting it lightly.  Mallett has arguably been the worst QB to see extended action in the NFL this season, and missing the team flight to Miami this past weekend was the last straw.

When the news broke that Mallett had been cut, I let out a Nelson from The Simpsons “ha-ha!” without hesitation.  I can’t remember the last time a professional athlete was such a sourpuss.  Anyone who watched HBO’s Hard Knocks this season could see the type of character he had.  He was in a heated competition for the Texans starting QB gig with Brian Hoyer, only to lose out to the newly acquired veteran as the pre-season wore on.  Mallett responded by “oversleeping” and missing practice the next day.  Real professional, bruh.

After Hoyer played like “I have cable Brian Hoyer” for the first 54 minutes of Houston’s season opener, Mallett took over and led the team down the field for back-to-back scoring drives.  Mallett was named the starter only to completely shit the bed against Atlanta in Week 4 as he let the Dirty Birds get out to a 42-0 lead.  The Texans benched him, but then gave him another shot against Indianapolis the following week.  Of course he blew it, got benched again, and proceeded to sit on the sideline and pout like no QB has pouted before.

I understand the competitive nature of sports, and no matter what you want to be in the game, but when you suck, you know you suck.  Ryan Mallett sucks.  He was benched for good reason, and should have accepted his role as the backup with some professionalism.  Instead his body language on the sideline was terrible, and according to ESPN, Mallett was late for meetings this past Saturday, only to blame his tardiness on traffic. He then missed the team’s charter flight to Miami. He had to fly commercial to join the team for Sunday’s game against the Dolphins and (of course) didn’t play.

Now that the Texans have finally cut him, I think it’s safe to say we’ve seen the last of Ryan Mallett.


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