These guys need something to cheer about.

There are few experiences that match being at the stadium for an NFL game. In a tightly contested matchup, the crowd reaction enhances the drama of the ups and downs of each play’s impact on the final score.

It can also be a badge of honor to have been at the stadium during the sport’s epic moments. How many people can say they were there when Franco Harris made the Immaculate Reception? What would it have been like to have seen Joe Montana connect with Dwight Clark for the game-winner against the Cowboys in person? Who experienced the excitement (or disappointment) of being in the stadium to see David Tyree make the most improbable of catches in Super Bowl XLII?

These are the kinds of moments that can make watching an NFL game in person a lifetime experience, but it comes with many disadvantages compared to watching a game on TV, especially in 2015.

Television Supports Watching Multiple Games at the Same Time

In an era where fantasy football is a major part of the game and technology makes instant gratification possible, the best option for the modern football fan is to watch NFL Sunday Ticket, which you can find more info about at

This package allows you to see any game that is not locally broadcasted, subject to blackout and is a Thursday, Sunday, or Monday night game. The good news about blackouts is that they are rare. In 2013, there were only two; in 2014, there were none; and this season, team owners have suspended the blackout rule. There is also growing political pressure to get rid of blackouts altogether, especially since the vast majority of revenue comes from sources other than ticket sales.

There are several ways to watch more than one game. You can use the Game Mix channel, which allows you to watch up to eight channels simultaneously on a split screen, or you can switch channels when the game you are watching has a break from playing action.

This is a great television package for the fan who roots for an out-of-market team, or who wants to see games affecting their fantasy team. You are no longer limited to watching one game at a time or following other games through websites.

You Can Only Watch One Game at the Stadium

This is in contrast to the stadium experience, which can be one-of-a-kind, but it has its drawbacks. Perhaps the biggest one is that for all intents and purposes, the only game you can watch is the one on the field in front of you.

Yes you can stream NFL games to your mobile device, but this is not practical in a stadium. For example, Qualcomm Stadium, home of the San Diego Chargers, does not have public Wi-Fi. Sports Authority Field at Mile High, home of the Denver Broncos has a hotspot, but you would have to be a Verizon customer to use it.

Regardless of the provider, any system near a stadium would be overwhelmed by the thousands of fans checking other games. This assumes of course that you don’t suffer the misfortune of sitting next to the obnoxious fan who spills beer on your iPad.

You’ll Never Have a Better Seat than in Your Living Room

The emergence of large screen televisions gives fans a view of the game that they will never have in a stadium, even if they have field-level tickets on the 50-yard line. High definition broadcasts and displays give a clear view of the action.

How often do fans at the stadium wish they could see the instant replay? Video displays at the stadium provide some of this footage, but watching the game from home shows different angles of a play, along with analysis from those who have played, coached, or officiated the game. There’s no such thing as obstructed view seating when watching a game from your living room.

According to recent viewer data, two of the top five most-viewed broadcast shows were Sunday and Thursday night football games. The popularity of the sport among viewers continues to be strong. Thanks to the flexibility of NFL game packages and improvements in technology, fans can now experience the best viewing experience possible without having to go to the stadium.

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