Someone using a Samsung Galaaxy smartphone

Once upon a time we placed bets and queued up in the dull and funky smelling TAB, where, if the walls could talk, would probably tell many a story, most probably in a witty and long-winded colloquial drawl. Although there is still a huge appeal within this beautifully imperfect community – along with the irreplaceable banter community spirit that the TAB betting scene has to offer, the digital era is well and truly opening betting up to everyone. The joy of digital betting allows everyone from the semi-professions to the occasional flutterer to reap the benefits of real-time betting.

The transition into the digital space can be no more obvious than during the Melbourne Cup, with people of all ages betting via the sleek and purposefully designed apps whilst travelling in style to the event of the season. There is nothing more intriguing than a schmick and suited and booted gentleman carefully perusing the elite array of horses and jockeys running in today’s races – and doing it all from the casual ease of their smart phone. It adds a sense of superiority to them, with real-time knowledge being transferred to their fingertips and it makes betting that much more convenient.

Previously, we may have had to politely excuse ourselves from the ‘Bird Cage’ and discuss the favorites before making a shrewd bet on a delightful new runner, but now we can have it all: we can enjoy the champagne being offered up to our eager hands, while checking real time updates and backgrounds – all with the ease of the online betting platform.

Let’s be honest – who wouldn’t want to get dressed up, socialize with your friends or clients and enjoy a day at the races – with the freedom to be able to place a cheeky bet or two from your mobile or handheld device? With the use of the online apps and sites, it means you can get your preparation done, leaving you free to enjoy the day at the races without having to excuse yourself for anything.

In addition to the benefit of convenience where you can you bet in real-time – you can now also receive your winnings in real-time too. A number of top betting sites allow winnings to be directly transferred to and accessible from your account – although after a full day at the Melbourne Cup, it might be both a good or a bad thing to have your winnings in your pocket! No matter, sharing your victory with your friends can only be money well spent, as that euphoric feeling is the reason we all hold out for Melbourne Cup, after all!

Not only can digital betting sites offer you better odds than the TAB, but it has the added benefit of you not having to leave the comfort of wherever you happen to be at the time. You might be on the couch and have a sudden urge to place a bet on the football or you might be checking a race at a picnic in the park, it doesn’t matter! On your handheld device, you can share your tips with your friends and enjoy the conversations we all know and love about the trials and tribulations that horse racing has to offer. The mateship element of the digital bet allows you to share with your friends and involve the whole gang.

I hope this short piece on the benefits of digital sports betting has shown you some of the key benefits of this innovation, and that next time you’re hankering to place a bet on your favourite, you’ll reach for your phone instead of for the betting slip.