Remember that video of just about everyone in the state of Kentucky standing up and saying they were declaring for the NBA Draft in 2015?  You won’t see anything similar this year.  The NCAA Men’s 2015-2016 talent pool is lacking, and it’s apparent with the parity we’re seeing in college basketball right now.

LSU freshman Aussie Ben Simmons checks all the boxes.  He’s a sure-fire #1 overall NBA Draft pick, as long as he doesn’t murder someone or lose a limb while playing with a boomerang.  He plays alongside another highly touted freshman, Antonio Blakeney, and a projected 2016 NBA Draft first rounder, Tim Quarterman.  LSU is sitting at 3-3 after losing their last 3 games against unranked opponents.

UNC was the unanimous pre-season #1 overall ranked team.  They return all but 1 main contributor from last year’s team.  They’re sitting at 5-1 after losing to unranked Northern Iowa, and are about to drop another game to Maryland.  Maybe.  They’re at home, they could pull through.

Speaking of Maryland, they’re undefeated- barely.  They were getting waxed by Rider before they came back in the 2nd half for the win.  They’ve had a scare vs unranked (and underrated) Illinois State, too.  I still think MD cuts down the nets, but they’re going to make us sweat.

Last year’s NCAA Champions, Duke, look nothing like the squad of blue chips who won it all in 2015.  Grayson Allen is dropping a ridiculous 22.6ppg, which includes a 6 point dud in their lone loss to Kentucky.  Grayson Allen.  We’re talking about the dude who looks like a grown up version of the kid who made this Christmas video:

Wake up everyone, It's future First Team All-American Grayson Allen

Wake up everyone, It’s future First Team All-American Grayson Allen

The Wildcats have looked like the team to beat in the early goings, but they’ve only really played Duke.  Jamal Murray is a stud, but the supporting Wildcats aren’t as good as the KY teams of yesteryear.  If you see a press table full of players standing up at the end of the season saying they’re going pro, half of them will be headed to Europe.

There is no potentially undefeated team this season.  There is nothing that resembles 2015 Kentucky, Duke, or Wisconsin.  Those teams were special.  All loaded with 1st round NBA talent.  It’s not the same this year.  We’re going to see teams no one has ever heard of reach the elite 8 in March.  We’re going to hear Adam Silver stumble over European and South American international names on draft day.  Let’s face it, these guys just aren’t as good as last year.